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What is the effect of the command “manage-modules service remove all” when de-commissioning a ViPR SRM host?

A.    It unregisters all installed services.
B.    It unregisters all installed licenses.
C.    It unregisters the host in Centralized Management.
D.    It unregisters and removes all local services.

Answer: A

Using Centralized Management, you are trying to register a new host on which you just deployed ViPR SRM. The registration process fails. What step do you take?

A.    Restart Tomcat service where Centralized-Management runs.
B.    Check and restart WebService Gateway on the new host.
C.    Check installed licenses.
D.    Check if SSL certificates are properly installed.

Answer: B

In ViPR SRM, for what conditions can alerts be defined to detect and notify?

A.    When Array capacity thresholds are exceeded.
B.    If Disks in an array fail.
C.    When an array automatically contacts the vendor for support.
D.    When an array service processor is down.

Answer: A

Where are the SMTP server details set?

A.    Alerting-Frontend -> Global Settings
B.    Alerting-Module -> Global Settings -> Adapters
C.    Alerting Frontend -> Local Manager -> Adapters
D.    Alerting Frontend -> Local Manager

Answer: A

When creating a new user, what is the default user status?

A.    Normal User
B.    Global Administrator
C.    admin
D.    Full Control Users

Answer: A

What would best describe Property-Store?

A.    Property-Store is a Web-Service.
B.    Property-Store is a Database Service.
C.    Property-Store is a Data-Enrichment Service.
D.    Property-Store is a Frontend Service.

Answer: B

In the context of Alerting, which is a possible Action trigger?

A.    Write current metric status in a log file
B.    Reconfigure data collection so polling can start
C.    Trigger a report to generate
D.    Send a database query

Answer: A

You are preparing two reports. The first report lists VMs assigned to customers. The second report is a complement of the first report. What would be an appropriate filter expression for the second report?

A.    devtype is “VirtualMachine” and customer is not present.
B.    devtype is “VirtualMachine” or customer is not present.
C.    devtype is “VirtualMachine” and customer is present.
D.    devtype is “VirtualMachine” and customer is not ([list customer names in extension]).

Answer: A

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