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How do you define Thresholds in a table report?

A.    Use the Value Settings section of a Value column
B.    Use the Alerting Frontend to define Alert rules
C.    Use the Thresholds section under Report Details
D.    Define Thresholds when deploying the data-collection component of a SolutionPack

Answer: A

You have been given a set of logo files for each department in the business and you are asked to ensure that each user is presented with an initial report page that displays that user’s department logo. Which feature of Frontend administration will provide this capability?

A.    Profiles Management, Customizable Settings.
B.    Global Portal Properties, Default Display.
C.    User Creation, User Status.
D.    Role Management, Template Access.

Answer: A

Which default ViPR SRM user role will allow the user to use SNMP tools?

A.    Network Administrator Users
B.    NOC Operator Users
C.    Storage Administrator Users
D.    Web Service Role

Answer: A

The business monitors storage infrastructure for five business units. A user has been assigned as a member in each of three business unit roles but when logged in all elements from all business units are visible. What is the likely cause?

A.    One or more roles do not have a defined master filter.
B.    The User master filter is set to “Everything” and is overriding the role master filter.
C.    Template access is set to “Read Only”.
D.    The Global master filter is set to “Everything”.

Answer: A

What is the database that Tomcat uses to identify authorized web application users?

A.    Realm
B.    MySQL
C.    UserBase
D.    RoleBase

Answer: A

What must be created for each Aggregate when performing Backend administration?

A.    Retention policy
B.    Aggregate policy
C.    Raw value
D.    Average value

Answer: A

When creating a new database schema in a Windows deployment, what is the first command that you will run?

A.    Mysql-client.cmd
B.    Manage-modules.cmd
C.    Install database
D.    Show databases

Answer: A

What is the purpose of the Discovery Center?

A.    Configure discoverable devices
B.    Review discovered devices
C.    Reconfigure an installed SolutionPack
D.    Edit configuration of shared ViPR SRM components

Answer: A

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