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What is the maximum supported network latency between the VMware Collector and VCenter server?

A.    20 ms
B.    5 ms
C.    100 ms
D.    300 ms

Answer: A

While installing a SolutionPack, the configuration screen has multiple options. Of the options presented, which one is mandatory?

A.    Instance name: the unique name of the SolutionPack deployment.
B.    Data Collection: in order to gather data from targeted systems.
C.    Report: in order to generate reports of discovered systems.
D.    Events: in order to be notified of events about discovered systems.

Answer: A

For how many days is the ViPR SRM trial license valid?

A.    30
B.    45
C.    60
D.    90

Answer: A

What types of actions can be defined in an alert definition?

A.    SNMP trap, email, log, and external process.
B.    Aggregation, SNMP trap, email, and timer.
C.    Time window, email, external process, and SNMP trap.
D.    Adapter, email, aggregation, and log.

Answer: A

What is considered as a normal communication path?

A.    Data Collection goes directly to Backend processing.
B.    Data Collection feeds directly into the Database.
C.    Frontend manages Backend services.
D.    Topology Map Service delivers data directly into the Database.

Answer: C

Since Topology provides end-to-end views of Host to Storage, then what are the Topology services?

A.    Topology Mapping Service, Topology Service, Maps Service.
B.    Topology Mapping Service, Topology Service, Topology database.
C.    Data Collectors, Topology Mapping Service, Topology database.
D.    Maps Service, Topology Database, Topology Service.

Answer: A

Where is the Load-Balancer-Connector installed?

A.    Collector Hosts
B.    All ViPR SRM Hosts
C.    Backend Host
D.    Backend and Collector Hosts

Answer: A

After adding a single VM vApp backend to an existing 4VM vApp deployment, by default, what would the tertiary backend instance names be?

A.    Default, apg1, apg2, apg3, apg4.
B.    apg1, apg2, apg3, apg4.
C.    Default, apg5, apg6, apg7, apg8.
D.    apg5, apg6, apg7, apg8.

Answer: B

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