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When installing the Cisco MDS/Nexus Switch SolutionPack, where should the SNMP Masks be installed?

A.    Frontend Host
B.    Backend Host
C.    Database Host
D.    Collector Host

Answer: A

What prerequisite software is needed to discover and monitor capacity and all performance with the VMAX SolutionPack?

A.    Solutions Enabler, EMC SMI-S Provider and Unisphere for VMAX with Performance.
B.    Solutions Enabler and Unisphere for VMAX with Performance.
C.    EMC SMI-S Provider and Unisphere for VMAX.
D.    Unisphere for VMAX.

Answer: A

Which default port does the Centralized Management Module use to communicate remote commands to the WebService Gateway?

A.    48443
B.    58080
C.    443
D.    8443

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit:
The array summary, Raw Capacity Usage bar graph shows Unusable and Unconfigured capacity much higher than the configured capacity. What does this indicate?

A.    The licensed storage capacity is much lower than the physical storage capacity.
This could be a result of short-stroke drive configuration.
B.    The licensed storage capacity has been incorrectly applied.
C.    The array storage configuration has a misconfigured disk drive setting.
D.    The storage manager has decided to only configure a lower percentage of the total storage.

Answer: A

Why would the VMAX Storage Group Performance Reports not show data after Unisphere for VMAX was installed on the FC connected VMAX Collectors?

A.    VMAX is not registered for performance in Unisphere for VMAX.
B.    Unisphere for VMAX cannot be installed on the collector.
C.    netcnfg file is not set up correctly.
D.    SMI-S password is incorrect.

Answer: A

After installing the Centera SolutionPack there are no Centeras showing in the reports and no errors in the logs files. What are the next steps?

A.    Wait a few polling cycles
B.    Reconfigure the Centera Solution Pack
C.    Reinstall Centera CLI
D.    Upgrade Centera Viewer

Answer: A

When installing a SolutionPack, the installer places the Reports on the host where the Frontend runs using which service?

A.    Webservice-Gateway
B.    Task-Scheduler
C.    Collector-Manager
D.    APG-Property-Store

Answer: A

You deployed ViPR SRM at a site then added and configured some SolutionPacks. How do you determine the remaining resource capacity before adding additional SolutionPacks?

A.    Use the Planner tool to evaluate the load distribution.
B.    Look at the logs of currently installed SolutionPacks to evaluate level of resource usage.
C.    Use operation system tools and the provided Evaluation tool to evaluate resource usage.
D.    Use Watch4net Health reports to evaluate resource usage.

Answer: D

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