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You just installed a new SolutionPack and three polling cycles (15 minutes) have passed. What task must be run to get the data into the UI quickly?

A.    Property-Store on the Frontend Host
B.    Property-Store on the Primary Backend Host
C.    Frontend-Search task
D.    Restart Tomcat service

Answer: A

From where is the installation of ViPR SRM SolutionPacks performed?

A.    SolutionPack Center
B.    Central Configuration Repository
C.    Discovery Center
D.    SolutionPack Menu

Answer: A

Which statement is true regarding the EMC Host Interface SolutionPack?

A.    EMC Host Interface agent software must be installed on hosts to be discovered and enables collection of data from hosts without requiring host credentials.
B.    EMC Host Interface SolutionPack enables agentless host discovery by interfacing with hosts across the IP network.
C.    EMC Host Interface agent software must be installed on hosts to be discovered and enables collection of data from hosts using host credentials.
D.    Installation of the EMC Host Interface SolutionPack deploys many built-in host reports and requires the Host Interface agent software to be installed on hosts to be discovered.

Answer: A

When you deploy the Physical Host SolutionPack on a Windows host, what needs to be considered about the way it will leverage the Generic-RSC collector-manager?

A.    The collector-manager can collect data on both Windows and Linux hosts.
B.    The collector-manager can only collect data on other Windows hosts.
C.    The collector-manager is agentless and does not require scripts.
D.    The collector-manager can use either port 5985 or 5986 to access the Linux and Windows hosts.

Answer: A

What is the best option available for Brocade discovery using ViPR SRM?

A.    Use SMI-S to discover Switch Topology, Performance Metrics, and zoning details.
B.    Use SNMP to discover Switch Topology and zoning and Performance Metrics through SMI-S.
C.    Discover Switch Topology through SMI-S and Performance Metrics and zoning through SNMP.
D.    Simultaneously use SMI-S and SNMP to discover Switch Topology, Performance Metrics, and zoning.

Answer: A

Refer to Exhibit:
What is the Alerting-Backend service default listener port number when installing a SolutionPack?

A.    2010
B.    2020
C.    58080
D.    48443

Answer: A

In the ViPR SRM version 3.5 VMware SolutionPack, what statistics-level needs to be set at the vCenter server to get performance statistics details for the guest VMs?

A.    Statistics-level set to 1
B.    Statistics-level set to 2
C.    Statistics-level set to 3
D.    Statistics-level is not used

Answer: D

What methods are used to discover physical hosts in ViPR SRM?

A.    Agentless, passive discovery, and EMC host interface.
B.    SNMP, agentless, and importing a CSV file with host credentials.
C.    Agentless, Discovery Center, and SSH/WMI.
D.    EMC host interface, SNMP, and passive discovery.

Answer: A

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