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A VMAX3 storage administrator wants to perform a SRDF data validation test on R2 without impacting production host processing. Which SRDF operation should be used?

A.    Split
B.    Failover
C.    Swap
D.    Suspend

Answer: A

Which Unisphere for VMAX view shows all the components of a Masking View?

A.    Masking View > Connections
B.    Masking View > Details
C.    System Dashboard
D.    Storage Groups Dashboard

Answer: A

At which level should the SLO be associated to have a device managed by FAST on a VMAX3?

A.    Storage Group
B.    Device Group
C.    Masking View
D.    Data Pool

Answer: C

At which levels are FAST performance metrics collected in a VMAX3 array?

A.    Disk Group, Storage Group, thin device sub-LUN.
B.    Disk, Data Pool, Storage Resource Pool.
C.    Disk Group, Data Pool, thin device sub-LUN.
D.    Data Pool, Storage Resource Pool, Storage Group.

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of engines that can be configured on a VMAX 200K array?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    6
D.    8

Answer: B

A VMAX3 system administrator needs to create a SRDF relationship for a planned data migration. Which replication mode of SRDF is recommended for the initial bulk data transfer?

A.    Adaptive Copy Disk
B.    Synchronous
C.    Asynchronous
D.    Adaptive Copy Write Pending

Answer: A

Which EMC VMAX3 point-in-time replication technology allows snapshots to be created without requiring a target volume?

A.    TimeFinder SnapVX
B.    ProtectPoint
C.    SRDF/Asynchronous
D.    Open Replicator

Answer: B

In a VMAX3 environment, what is used to make SRDF/A resilient to temporary increases in write workloads or intermittent link loss?

A.    Storage Resource Pool
B.    Delta Set Extension Pool
C.    SAV Pool
D.    Reserved LUN Pool

Answer: A

After installing Unisphere for VMAX, configuration activities are successfully performed on a VMAX3 array. However, performance data is not being collected. Which additional step needs to occur to allow the system to collect performance data?

A.    System needs to be registered.
B.    SMAS service needs to be started.
C.    PostgreSQL database is corrupt and needs to be reinstalled.
D.    Unisphere for VMAX server needs to be rebooted.

Answer: A

Which symrdf flag is necessary to suspend a single device from an active SRDF/A session?

A.    cons_exempt
B.    disable
C.    bypass
D.    noprompt

Answer: A

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