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What should be done, from an application perspective, prior to performing an SRDF Restore operation?

A.    Stop accessing the R1 and R2 devices.
B.    Stop accessing the R1 devices; continue accessing the R2 devices.
C.    Continue accessing the R1 devices; stop accessing the R2 devices.
D.    Continue accessing the R1 and R2 devices.

Answer: A

Which SYMCLI command(s) can be used to set/modify Host I/O limits?

A.    symsg only
B.    symconfigure and symaccess
C.    symaccess only
D.    symaccess and symsg

Answer: A

What does the Reserved Capacity parameter for a VMAX3 Storage Resource Pool (SRP) reserve?

A.    Percentage of SRP for thin device host allocations.
B.    Percentage of SRP for TimeFinder SnapVX snapshots.
C.    Absolute capacity in GB for SRDF/A DSE.
D.    Absolute capacity in GB for thin device host allocations.

Answer: A

If a Gatekeeper is listed in both the gkselect and the gkavoid files, what will happen during the selection of Gatekeepers?

A.    gkavoid entry is used
B.    gkselect entry is used
C.    Neither entry is used
D.    Either entry could be used

Answer: A

Which section in the EMC vApp Manager is used to edit the Solutions Enabler options file?

A.    Manage Daemons
B.    Appliance Info
C.    Appliance Data/Log
D.    License Validation

Answer: A

Which SRDF/A feature provides increased replication resiliency from temporary spikes in write workloads or link loss?

A.    Delta Set Extension
B.    SRDF FAST Coordination
C.    Multi-Session Consistency
D.    Software Compression

Answer: A

A systems administrator recently installed Unisphere for VMAX and wants to determine the available ports on the VMAX 200K. What should be selected within Unisphere to obtain this information?

A.    System > Dashboard
B.    Administration Tasks
C.    Host > Tasks
D.    Storage > Tasks and Dashboard

Answer: A

Which SRDF/A feature takes corrective action to slow host I/O rates to match the SRDF I/O service rates?

A.    Write Pacing
B.    Write Assist
C.    Write-Protect-Bypass
D.    Redirect-on-Write

Answer: A

A VMAX3 administrator needs backward compatibility for existing scripts that use Solutions Enabler (SE) commands. Which SE environment variable would be used?

A.    symcli_mode
B.    symcli_command_scope
C.    symcli_output_mode
D.    symcli_schema_name

Answer: A

To which VMAX3 Service Level Objectives does the SLO Response Time Objective algorithm apply?

A.    Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
B.    Platinum, Gold, and Silver.
C.    Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
D.    Optimized, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Answer: A

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