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Which SYMCLI command(s) can be used to set/modify SLO and Workload Type?

A.    symsg only
B.    symconfigure and symaccess
C.    symaccess only
D.    symaccess and symsg

Answer: A

Storage has been provisioned from a VMAX3 using a Masking View with a single Storage Group associated with the Bronze SLO. How can new storage be provisioned to this host using the Gold SLO while maintaining the original volumes in the Bronze SLO?

A.    Convert the existing Storage Group to cascaded, create a new child Storage Group for the new devices, and apply the Gold SLO.
B.    Apply the Gold SLO directly to the new volumes.
C.    Add a cascaded Storage Group to the original Storage Group and apply the Gold SLO.
D.    A new Masking View and Storage Group is required for the devices managed by the Gold SLO.

Answer: A

Which Solutions Enabler environment variable allows the command output to match a previous version of Solutions Enabler?

A.    symcli_mode
B.    symcli_output_mode
C.    symcli_noprompt
D.    symcli_command_scope

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of eNAS Data Movers on a VMAX 400K array?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    6
D.    8

Answer: B

What are the SRDF group limits of a VMAX3 when connected to a VMAX?

A.    64 RDF groups per system64 RDF groups per RDF port connected to the VMAX32 RDF ports per engine.
B.    250 RDF groups per system64 RDF groups per RDF port connected to the VMAX32 RDF ports per engine.
C.    250 RDF groups per system250 RDF groups per RDF port16 RDF ports per engine.
D.    250 RDF groups per system250 RDF groups per RDF port32 RDF ports per engine.

Answer: B

Which autoprovisioning component is created with the Unisphere for VMAX “Create Host” wizard?

A.    Initiator Group
B.    Port Group
C.    Storage Group
D.    Masking View

Answer: A

A storage administrator is using Unisphere for VMAX to provision storage to a virtual machine. This virtual machine needs to share an RDM device which is already presented to another virtual machine. The administrator is unable to select the existing RDM to present to the virtual machine. What could be the cause?

A.    Volumes already presented as an RDM to other virtual machines are excluded from the available volumes list.
B.    Only available storage from datastores can be presented to virtual machines using Unisphere for VMAX.
C.    No volumes are available and a new volume cannot be created.
D.    Existing volumes can only be presented to physical hosts.

Answer: A

If the Solutions Enabler 8.0.x lockbox password is lost, which method can be used to recover the password?

A.    Password cannot be recovered
B.    symcfg command
C.    Unisphere for VMAX
D.    stordaemon command

Answer: A

Two RDF groups from two VMAX3 arrays have been added to a Consistency Group. SRDF/A Multi-Session Consistency (MSC) has been enabled for the Consistency Group. The RDF daemon has been started on a single host that has access to both the VMAX3 arrays. What will happen if this host becomes unavailable?

A.    Cycle switching will stop.
B.    SRDF mode will change to Adaptive Copy Disk.
C.    RDF links will be suspended immediately.
D.    SRDF pair state will become Partitioned.

Answer: A

Diamond, Platinum, and Gold SLOs are available on a VMAX3 array. A Storage Group was associated with the Diamond SLO. However, the storage administrator discovers that data was allocated from the 15K drives. What could cause this allocation?

A.    Flash data pools are completely filled up.
B.    Fully Automated Storage Tiering was disabled.
C.    10K data pools are completely filled up.
D.    Fully Automated Storage Tiering was enabled.

Answer: A

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