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Which action must occur before a TDEV can be deleted on a VMAX3?

A.    TDEV must not have any allocated tracks.
B.    TDEV must be set to Not Ready.
C.    TDEV must be unbound from the thin pool.
D.    TDEV must be disassociated from the SRP.

Answer: A

Which software is used to create file systems and shares on a VMAX3 eNAS system?

A.    Unisphere for VNX.
B.    Unisphere for VMAX.
C.    Data Mover command line.
D.    Solutions Enabler SYMCLI.

Answer: A

A company has two VMAX3 arrays, both configured with eNAS. The company wants to make multiple copies of their file system volumes while using minimal additional space. Which EMC technology will meet the requirement without additional hardware?

A.    SnapSure
B.    TimeFinder
C.    SRDF
D.    Replicator

Answer: A

Which database engine is used by the Performance Analyzer component of Unisphere for VMAX 8.0?

A.    PostgreSQL
B.    MySQL
D.    Oracle

Answer: A

A VMAX3 array will be used to provide storage to VMware ESXi and HP-UX servers. Front-end ports will be shared with all the servers. The default front-end port flags are in use. What should be done to ensure that all the servers have access to their designated storage?

A.    Override the required flags on the Initiator Group.
B.    Override the required flags on the Port Group.
C.    Set the required flags at the front-end port.
D.    Set the required flags on the Masking View.

Answer: A

What is the granularity of FAST data movement requests in a VMAX3 array?

A.    1 Extent Group
B.    1 Extent Group Set
C.    12 Extents
D.    42 Extent Groups

Answer: A

When navigating Unisphere for VMAX 8.0, which menu is used to manage Masking Views?

A.    Hosts
B.    Storage
C.    System Dashboard
D.    System Settings

Answer: A

A storage administrator needs to provision new storage to a production SRDF/A group. Before moving new SRDF pairs to an active SRDF/A session, what should the SRDF pair state be for the new devices?

A.    Suspended
B.    Consistent
C.    SyncInProg
D.    Synchronized

Answer: A

What is the maximum Reserved Capacity percentage that can be set for an SRP in a VMAX3 array?

A.    50
B.    80
C.    90
D.    100

Answer: B

Which drive types will the Bronze Service Level Objective try to use under most circumstances?

A.    15K RPM, 10K RPM, and 7.2K RPM.
B.    Flash, 15K RPM, 10K RPM, and 7.2K RPM.
C.    Flash, 10K RPM, and 7.2K RPM.
D.    15K RPM and 10K RPM only.

Answer: A

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