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What is the size of a VMAX3 Gatekeeper device?

A.    3 MB
B.    6 MB
C.    3 GB
D.    6 GB

Answer: B

Which symrdf flag and operation allows new devices to be added to a SRDF/A session without suspending the existing devices?

A.    cons_exempt with the movepair operation
B.    establish with the movepair operation
C.    cons_exempt with the modifygrp operation
D.    establish with the resume operation

Answer: A

A TimeFinder SnapVX snapshot of source volumes has been linked to target volumes. The target volumes are being used for application testing. What should be done prior to a relink operation?

A.    Continue accessing the source volumes; stop accessing the target volumes.
B.    Stop accessing the source volumes; continue accessing the target volumes.
C.    Stop accessing the source and target volumes.
D.    Continue accessing the source and target volumes.

Answer: A

You are attempting to install Unisphere for VMAX 8.0 on a server with the following configuration:
– Microsoft Windows Server 2008 64-bit
– Dual core processor
– 8 GB RAM
– 180 GB free space
The installation is unable to continue because a pre-requisite has not been met. What is the likely cause of the error?

A.    12 GB of RAM is required.
B.    32-bit operating system is required.
C.    240 GB of free space is required.
D.    Quad core processor is required.

Answer: A

Which VMAX3 point-in-time replication technology allows snapshots to be created without requiring a target volume?

A.    TimeFinder SnapVX
B.    ProtectPoint
C.    SRDF/Asynchronous
D.    Open Replicator

Answer: A

What is the default HTTPS port used to connect to Unisphere for VMAX?

A.    80
B.    443
C.    3324
D.    8443

Answer: B

A Storage Group containing the source volumes on a VMAX3 array is managed by the Gold SLO. A TimeFinder SnapVX snapshot of this Storage Group is linked to the target volumes. The Storage Group containing the target volumes is managed by the Bronze SLO. Which SLO will be used to manage the snapshot deltas?

A.    Optimized
B.    Gold
C.    Bronze
D.    None

Answer: A

In addition to the Solutions Enabler 8.0.x Base daemon, which other daemon is also mandatory at installation?

A.    GNS
B.    SYMAPI Server
C.    STP
D.    Event

Answer: A

What is a requirement before a port can be disassociated from VMAX3 FA emulation?

A.    Port must not be a member of any Port Group.
B.    Port must not belong to an RDF group.
C.    All ports associated with the FA emulation must be offline.
D.    All ports on the I/O module must be offline.

Answer: A

What is the basis for the allocation of new extents from a Storage Resource Pool in a VMAX3 array?

A.    Data Pool Ranking and SLO.
B.    Data Pool RAID types and SRP capacity.
C.    Data Pool Ranking and SRP capacity.
D.    Data Pool RAID types and default SLO.

Answer: A

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