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You are adding a new vRPA to a cluster using the Add New RPAs wizard in Deployment Manager. SAN diagnostics fail and you cannot add the RPA. Pings to the vRPA and VNX iSCSI ports are returned successfully. What is most likely the cause for this connection problem?

A.    CHAP authentication not correct.
B.    vRPA iSCSI ports MTU set to a number lower than 9000.
C.    Default gateway setting for RPA iSCSI ports not correct.
D.    Wrong IP version set on vRPA iSCSI ports.

Answer: A

What are the minimum RecoverPoint and VPLEX versions that support MetroPoint?

A.    RecoverPoint 4.1 and GeoSynchrony 5.4.
B.    RecoverPoint 4.0 and GeoSynchrony 5.3.
C.    RecoverPoint 4.1 and GeoSynchrony 5.3.
D.    RecoverPoint 4.0 and GeoSynchrony 5.4.

Answer: A

You have been tasked with installing licenses for your RecoverPoint/CL System. It consists of a single cluster with one VMAX and three VNX arrays. How many license files would you need to install for proper cluster operation?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: A

A company with a DR site connected with a 2 Gbps FC link has three RPAs at each site. They are experiencing High Load events, although the FC link is not fully utilized. What would be the best solution to get the FC link utilization up as high as possible while mitigating those events?

A.    Use a Distributed Consistency Group.
B.    Add one RPA to the Primary site.
C.    Use the Consistency Group on both RPAs and add two RPAs to the secondary site.
D.    Add one RPA to the DR site.

Answer: A

A new RecoverPoint/SE environment has been installed with a single cluster. There are no limitations regarding journal sizes and you want to choose how frequently RecoverPoint can create point-in-time copies. What is the highest frequency available for point-in-time copies in this environment?

A.    One per I/O.
B.    One per sec.
C.    One per 500 ╬╝sec.
D.    One per 500 msec.

Answer: A

RecoverPoint support has asked you to collect logs from your RecoverPoint system. After the log collection process is complete, which user account is used to access the log file for download?

A.    admin
B.    webdownload
C.    boxmgmt
D.    security-admin

Answer: A

What Installation Manager menu selections would you make to view the RPA PWWNs?

A.    3-Diagnostics > 2-SAN diagnostics > 2-View RPA ports
B.    3-Diagnostics > 1-IP diagnostics > 2-View IP details
C.    3-Diagnostics > 2-SAN diagnostics > 3-View target LUNs
D.    3-Diagnostics > 1-IP diagnostics > 6-System connectivity

Answer: A

You ran Collect System Information from an RPA. However, you forgot where you specified to save the logs on the FTP server. What is the recommended way to retrieve the logs?

A.    Use http://<RPAmgmtIP>/info
B.    Re-run Collect System Information from the RPAs
C.    Re-run Collect System Information from the GUI
D.    Use ftp://<RPAmgmtIP>

Answer: A

You are creating a Consistency Group with the Protect Volumes wizard in a RecoverPoint/EX environment. What LUNs are displayed in the list generated by the wizard?

A.    LUNs masked to the RPAs.
B.    LUNs configured on the licensed array.
C.    LUNs attached to the splitter.
D.    LUNs masked to the production host.

Answer: A

What collection period is automatically set when `Collect System Information’ is run from the `System Events’ pane?

A.    From 10 min, before to 10 min, after the selected event.
B.    From 30 min, before to 30 min, after the selected event.
C.    From 60 min, before to 60 min, after the selected event.
D.    The previous 24 hours.

Answer: A

Which RecoverPoint tool will give you an overview of the system state, based on the system’s long term statistics?

A.    Detect Bottlenecks
B.    Balance Load
C.    Collect System Information
D.    Manage Event Filters

Answer: A

A company has a RecoverPoint cluster in a remote replication environment that has several Consistency Groups. The Consistency Groups are constantly going into High Load. After reviewing the Unisphere for RecoverPoint event log, you see the following event: journal is unable to handle the incoming data rate. What should you review to identify the problem?

A.    Storage array performance of the remote site
B.    Storage array performance of the source site
C.    WAN link utilization
D.    RecoverPoint appliance performance of the source site

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of VMAX splitters that can be added to a RecoverPoint cluster?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    5
D.    6

Answer: B

What is the first operation involved in the RecoverPoint Initialization process?

A.    Production and replica volumes are divided into data segments.
B.    Dirty segments of the replica volume Consistency Group are checked.
C.    Hash is created for all segments in production and replica volumes.
D.    Production and replica hashes are compared.

Answer: A

A customer is interested in implementing a RecoverPoint solution using a four-node cluster with physical RPAs. How many total IP addresses are required for the cluster?

A.    4
B.    5
C.    8
D.    9

Answer: D

An Oracle user is currently protecting their virtual application servers with RecoverPoint. All data is stored on two VNX arrays. They will soon be adding Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to their VMware infrastructure. What will be needed to integrate RecoverPoint functionality into their SRM deployment?

A.    EMC Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) for RecoverPoint only.
B.    EMC Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI).
C.    EMC Storage Replication Adapters (SRAs) for VNX and RecoverPoint.
D.    vSphere SRM Plug-in for Unisphere for RecoverPoint.

Answer: A

What zoning must be created in the fabric when implementing a VMAX splitter?

A.    Separate server-to-storage, RPA-to-RPA, and RPA-to-storage zones.
B.    Separate VSANs and zones for the front-end and back-end devices.
C.    Separate RPA-to-RPA and RPA-to-server zones.
D.    Multiple VSANs with a zone per RPA and front end-devices.

Answer: A

You are adding a VMAX array to a RecoverPoint/CL environment. What needs to be done?

A.    Verify there is a zone that includes the RPA ports and the same VMAX front end ports that are zoned to the production host initiator.
B.    Verify that the 16 new gatekeepers are in the same storage group as the repository and journals.
Add the RPA initiator and port groups to the masking view.
C.    After setting up the masking view use boxmgmt to log in to one of the site leader RPAs and be sure to tag all volumes that RecoverPoint is masked to including the production and copy volumes.
D.    Verify that the VMAX is at Enginuity microcode 5876 or higher.
After doing the LUN masking, enable Write-Protect ByPass (WPBP).
Ensure that the proper license for the VMAX is installed on the RPAs.

Answer: A

Which RecoverPoint feature requires the production copy to be located on a VNX?

A.    Snap-based Replication
B.    Deduplication
C.    Synchronous replication
D.    Distributed Consistency Groups

Answer: A

A company is currently using RecoverPoint/CL with CLARiiON CXs in their environment. All of the data has been migrated to new VNXs and the CX splitters need to be removed from RecoverPoint. How is this accomplished?

A.    In Unisphere for RecoverPoint, navigate to RPA Clusters > RPA-Cluster-Name tab > Splitters and remove the CX splitters.
B.    In Unisphere for RecoverPoint, navigate to RPA Clusters > Splitters and remove the CX splitters.
C.    Use RecoverPoint Deployment Manager to remove the CX splitters.
D.    The CXs will not be detected by Unisphere and the splitter entries will be removed automatically.

Answer: A

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