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What is an ideal use case for HDFS?

A.    Storing files that are updated frequently.
B.    Storing files that are written once and read many times.
C.    Storing results between Map steps and Reduce steps.
D.    Storing application files in memory.

Answer: B

A marketing team creates a graph using a square for each data point, where the length of each side is set to the data value. The data values are 10 and 20. What is the lie factor of the graph?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    6

Answer: B

How does Latent Dinchlet Allocation (LDA) interpret a document?

A.    As a single-predefined topic
B.    As a mixture of pre-defined topics
C.    As having a mixture of sentiments
D.    As having a single pre-defined sentiment

Answer: B

What is a key beneficial characteristic of the Random Forest algorithm?

A.    Provides and explanatory model
B.    Distinguishes categorical from continuous variables
C.    Support for unstructured data
D.    Resiliency to complex, non-linear variable interactions

Answer: D

What advantage does replication provide while storing a file in HDFS?

A.    Data protection and scheduling flexibility.
B.    Elimination of requirement for a combiner process.
C.    Elimination of requirement for Shuffle and Sort process.
D.    Memory optimization and minimizing tasks to run.

Answer: A

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