Advanced Analytics Specialist Exam for Data Scientists E20-065 Exam Questions with VCE and PDF for Free Download from PassLeader (Question 11 – Question 15)

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Which library is NOT part of the Apache Spark distribution?

A.    MLib
B.    NLTK
C.    GraphX
D.    Spark SQL

Answer: B

In which step in the visualization lifecycle would you determine how the raw data is stored?

A.    Visualization Planning
B.    Data Preparation
C.    Visualization Building
D.    Discovery

Answer: B

What runs more efficiently because of Apache Tez?

A.    Pig and Hive
B.    Hive and HBase
C.    Yarn and Spark
D.    All MapReduce jobs

Answer: D

What is an important simu-lation design consideration?

A.    Ensure model Inputs align with reality.
B.    Use different seed values to regenerate results.
C.    For rare event models, minimize number of trials.
D.    A complex model is better than a simple model.

Answer: A

In a social network, what does it mean for a node to have a high degree but low betweenness?

A.    The node is adjacent to a few nodes, each of each has high Page Ranks.
B.    The node has the only edge connecting its community to the rest of the graph.
C.    The node can be easily bypassed by communications taking other shorter paths.
D.    The node acts as the hub of the graph.

Answer: D

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