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A hotel chain runs a simul-ation on room pricing. They want to estimate revenue, per hotel, within +/- $10 with 95% confidence (Za/2=1.96). The estimated revenue standard deviation is $5000 based on previous booking data. What is the optimal number of simulation trials to run?

A.    A 32-bit operating system was used.
B.    The same number of trials was used.
C.    A linear congruential generator (LCG) was used (or pseudo-random number generation.
D.    Different seeds tor the random number generator were used.

Answer: C

What is NOT a category of a NoSQL data store?

A.    Columnar
B.    Document
C.    Key/Value
D.    Flat File

Answer: D

What are two visualization tools used for trivariate data?

A.    Scatter plot matrix
B.    Hexbin plot and heatmap
C.    Scatter plot matrix and density plot
D.    Scatter plot matrix and heatmap

Answer: B

You are analyzing written transcripts of focus groups conducted on product X. You approach is to use TF-IDF for your analysis. What combination of TF-IDF scores should you examine to ensure you only report on the most important terms?

A.    High TF score and high DF score.
B.    High TF score and high IDF score.
C.    High TF score and low IDF score.
D.    Low TF score and low DF score.

Answer: C

What is the most likely reason for an HBase table to contain millions of columns?

A.    Data is imported from a relational database table.
B.    Data is stored in the column qualifier.
C.    There are thousands of columns families.
D.    The column names are randomly generated.

Answer: B

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