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Which scenario would be ideal for processing Hadoop data with Hive?

A.    Structured data; real-time processing.
B.    Unstructured data; batch processing.
C.    Unstructured data; real-time processing.
D.    Structured data; batch processing.

Answer: B

The naive Bayer classifier is trained over 1600 movie reviews and then tested over 400 reviews. Here is the resulting confusion matrix:
– 190 (TP) 10(FN)
– 80 (FP) 120(TN)
What are the precision, recall, and the F1-score values?

A.    Precision: 0.95; Recall: 0704; F1-score: 0.809.
B.    Precision: 0.613; Recall: 0.95; F1-score: 0.745.
C.    Precision: 0.704; Recall: 0.95; F1-score: 0.809.
D.    Precision: 0.95; Recall: 0.613; F1-score: 0.745.

Answer: C

Why would a company decide to use HBase to replace an existing relational database?

A.    It is required for performing ad-hoc queries.
B.    Varying formats of input data requires columns to be added in real time.
C.    The company’s employees are already fluent in SQL.
D.    Existing SQL code will run unchanged on HBase.

Answer: A

Which metric would be most helpful in identifying a node that may cause network disruption if the node were removed?

A.    Degree
B.    Closeness
C.    Betweenness
D.    PageRank

Answer: A

Which graph structure would best model the relationship between job seekers and employers?

A.    Bipartite
B.    Weighted
C.    Directed acyclic
D.    Ranked

Answer: A

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