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Which mode(s) of EMC Avamar replication allows for many-to-one and bi-directional replication?

A.    Normal
B.    Full Copy
C.    Root-to-root
D.    Normal and root-to-root

Answer: A

What should you consider when deploying replication between two EMC Avamar servers?

A.    Replication target servers must be at the same code level as the source server(s).
B.    Replication target servers must have the same generation of hardware as the source server(s).
C.    Replication target servers must be on a GigE network.
D.    Replication target servers must be the same size or larger than the source server(s).

Answer: D

An EMC Avamar customer is deploying a backup solution consisting of two EMC Avamar servers (server A and server B) with replication. Which configuration provides seamless server failover capability?

A.    All clients back up to Avamar server A and backup data is replicated to Avamar server B using root-to-root replication.
B.    Clients of server A replicate to Avamar server B and clients of Avamar server B replicate to Avamar server A using Normal replication.
C.    Using root-to-root replication, clients of Avamar server A replicate to Avamar server B and clients of Avamar server B replicate to Avamar server A.
D.    All clients back up to Avamar server A and backup data is replicated to Avamar server B using Normal replication.

Answer: A

This command is executed on EMC Avamar server single01:
% replicate –dstaddr=single02 –dstid=root –dstpassword=secret –dpnname=single01
To which domain on server single02 is the replicated data sent?

A.    /REPLICATE/single01
B.    /single01
C.    /REPLICATE/single02
D.    /

Answer: A

During an EMC Avamar server garbage collect maintenance activity, which backups are candidates for collection?

A.    Backups that have been retired
B.    Partial backups older than seven days
C.    Backups performed manually
D.    Root-to-root replicated backups

Answer: B

Garbage collection is running on an EMC Avamar server. What activities can be performed at this time?

A.    Restore, browse existing backups, and queue backups.
B.    Delete backups, and change retention settings.
C.    Change retention settings, and modify clients and domains.
D.    Restore, delete backups, and add new clients.

Answer: A

What is the access mode of the server during an EMC Avamar checkpoint maintenance activity?

A.    Read-only during checkpoint creation; read-write for the remainder of the activity.
B.    Read-only throughout the activity.
C.    Access is disabled throughout the activity.
D.    Access is disabled during checkpoint creation; read-only for the remainder of the activity.

Answer: A

An EMC Avamar customer wants to run garbage collection outside the blackout window. What may prevent the garbage collection job from starting?

A.    Restores are running.
B.    System is running in degraded mode.
C.    HFS check is running.
D.    There is no garbage to collect.

Answer: C

What would you run to determine if your EMC Avamar server is running in a steady state?

B.    status.dpn
C.    dpnctl status

Answer: A

Which EMC Avamar Management Console navigation screen would you use to view checkpoints and checkpoint validations?

A.    Server Monitor
B.    Activity
C.    Administration
D.    Policy

Answer: A

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