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What is an EMC Avamar object?

A.    Variable-sized unit of deduplicated data.
B.    Unit of disk space for storing data.
C.    Server running Avamar software.
D.    One or more servers on a local, high-speed network.

Answer: A

Which protocol is used to make the backup connection between the EMC Avamar client and the EMC Avamar server?

A.    TCP/IP
B.    HTTP
C.    UDP
D.    FTP

Answer: A

On an EMC Avamar server, what is the file extension of stripes that contain backup chunks?

A.    *.dat
B.    *.inx
C.    *.chd
D.    *.par

Answer: A

Which port on the Avamar server does the client connect to when performing a backup with encryption enabled?

A.    27000
B.    28001
C.    28002
D.    29000

Answer: D

What is the EMC Avamar-recommended method for sending invitations simultaneously to a large number of installed clients?

A.    Activation Manager
B.    Batch Client load
C.    Interactive server-side registration
D.    Client-side registration

Answer: A

A multinode EMC Avamar server is backing up clients throughout the world. Each geographical area has a domain and a domain administrator to manage the backup clients in their domain. What must each domain administrator keep in mind to help ensure that backup schedules do not conflict with the EMC Avamar server blackout window?

A.    Time basis for a backup schedule is the local time of the Avamar Administrator console session.
B.    Time basis for clients is the local time of the Avamar server utility node.
C.    Time basis for the gsan and the administrator server is the local time zone where the server resides.
D.    Time basis for the maintenance schedules is always GMT.

Answer: A

In which format will a Windows file be restored when using the EMC Avamar client Web interface?

A.    uncompressed
B.    RAR
C.    tagged
D.    zip

Answer: D

Which type of restore can a user perform with EMC Avamar Desktop/Laptop?

A.    To the client from which the data originated.
B.    To any client managed by EMC Avamar.
C.    With Administrator privileges, to any client.
D.    To any client in the enterprise.

Answer: A

What is the first process performed by avtar when running an EMC Avamar backup?

A.    Traverses each directory in the backup dataset.
B.    Checks the client’s file cache.
C.    Runs sticky-byte factoring.
D.    Writes to the hash cache file.

Answer: A

What is the recommended replication method for moving all data and clients from a single node to a multinode EMC Avamar server?

A.    /REPLICATE replication
B.    Selective replication
C.    Root-to-root replication
D.    Normal replication

Answer: C

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