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How does EMC Avamar differ from traditional backup and restore solutions?

A.    Backs up only unique, sub-file data objects.
B.    Offers one server configuration type.
C.    Provides four types of backup levels.
D.    Uses a dedicated backup network.

Answer: C

Which level of data can be restored using EMC Avamar?

A.    Directories only.
B.    Files only.
C.    Files, directories, and file systems.
D.    File systems only.

Answer: D

Which type of EMC Avamar fault tolerance provides protection against node failure?

A.    Checkpoint
B.    RAID
C.    RAIN
D.    HFS check

Answer: B

What is an advantage of the EMC Avamar deduplication technology?

A.    Eliminates the backup catalog.
B.    Improves drive speeds.
C.    Stores data from different operating systems on the same devices.
D.    Stores unique sub-file data objects.

Answer: A

What is the function of an EMC Avamar spare node?

A.    Load balance the utility node.
B.    Dynamically grow capacity.
C.    Replace a failed data node.
D.    NDMP accelerator.

Answer: B

Which EMC Avamar function provides fault tolerance across data nodes?

A.    RAIN
B.    RAID
C.    Checkpoints
D.    Replication

Answer: A

Which type of database does EMC Avamar use to store information about backups?

A.    Oracle
B.    PostgreSQL
C.    MySQL
D.    SQL

Answer: B

Which hash represents each data chunk processed during an EMC Avamar backup?

A.    atomic
B.    root
C.    composite
D.    file metadata

Answer: A

Which port must be open on an EMC Avamar utility node to be able to browse a client file system?

A.    26000
B.    27000
C.    28001
D.    28002

Answer: D

In an EMC Avamar system, for each file that is backed up, how many SHA-1 hash bytes are added to the file cache?

A.    20
B.    24
C.    44
D.    48

Answer: C

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