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Which field within the DPN Summary report indicates how much data has been transferred to the EMC Avamar server?

A.    TotalBytes
B.    ModReduced
C.    Overhead
D.    ModSent

Answer: D

A customer has setup their EMC Celerra to backup through an Avamar NDMP Accelerator Node. They are not seeing any increased performance since the initial backup. They have investigated the Celerra and there are no outstanding issues. What is a potential reason for the poor backup performance?

A.    Dataset options are set to Level 0.
B.    Dataset advanced option is blank.
C.    Data has a high change rate.
D.    Dataset options are set to Level 1.

Answer: A

An EMC customer wants to implement a backup solution for their virtual machines. They are interested in Avamar deduplication features. In addition, they want to minimize the backup capacity required. Their ESX environment is running optimally with sufficient resources. Which VMware backup method will provide the most optimized capacity?

A.    VCB
B.    Guest level
C.    Image level with CBT
D.    Image level without CBT

Answer: B

Which port does EMC Avamar use to access the Management Console database for reporting?

A.    7778
B.    28002
C.    5555
D.    29000

Answer: C

In which directory are the EMC Avamar administrator logs located?

A.    /usr/local/avamar/var/mc/server_log
B.    /usr/local/avamar/var/log
C.    /usr/local/avamar/etc
D.    /tmp

Answer: A

What is used to protect against disk failure In EMC Avamar?

A.    RAID
B.    RAIN
C.    Checkpoints
D.    Replication

Answer: A

What is the default duration of the Backup window in EMC Avamar?

A.    8 hours
B.    6 hours
C.    10 hours
D.    12 hours

Answer: B

According to EMC Avamar best practices, what is the maximum ratio of database data to file system data that a customer’s environment should have?

A.    20% / 80%
B.    50% / 50%
C.    30% / 70%
D.    10% / 90%

Answer: A

An EMC Avamar customer needs to reduce the maximum size of the file cache for a backup client. What should be done?

A.    Set filecachemax to the new value
B.    Create a default file cache of the desired size
C.    Delete the file cache and set filecachemax to the new value
D.    Move the file cache to \tmp

Answer: C

What would be an appropriate reason to deploy an EMC Avamar database accelerator?

A.    Reduces CPU utilization
B.    Required for NDMP and RMAN backups
C.    Increases network throughput
D.    Reduces the recovery time

Answer: A

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