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When implementing a new Isilon cluster, DNS entries are added to a company’s environment that looks like the following:
Isilon_node1.isilon.clustercom AAAA fd18:b23e:1659:ad42:0:0:a:a9
What does this entry indicate?

A.    AAAA record maps hostname to a 32-bit IPv4 address.
B.    AAAA record maps hostname to a 64-bit IPv4 address.
C.    AAAA record maps hostname to a 64-bit IPv6 address.
D.    AAAA record maps hostname to a 128-bit IPv6 address.

Answer: D

An Isilon cluster with three S210 nodes and three NL400 nodes was expanded to 18 nodes (15 x S210, 3 x NL400). You have been asked to revise the data protection policy initially set to N+3d:1n while optimizing the available writable disk space. What is the recommended data protection strategy for each pool and will the data protection overhead average increase or decrease?

A.    S210 node pool changes to N+2d:1n.
NL400 node pool changes to N+2d:1n.
B.    S210 node pool changes to N+2n.
NL400 node pool remains N+3d:1n.
C.    S210 node pool remains N+3d:1n.
NL400 node pool changes to N+2d:1n.
D.    S210 node pool remains N+3d:1n.
NL400 node pool changes to N+2n.

Answer: A

A storage administrator has just configured a newly acquired Isilon cluster. The administrator connected to the console port of Node 1 and created subnets, pools, and two access zones called “Blue” and “Green”. The administrator then created shares in zone “Blue” and is able to access the shares from their Microsoft Windows clients. In addition, the administrator created exports in the “Green” zone and is able to access the exports from their UNIX clients. However, the administrator is unable to SSH into the cluster and login as root. What is a possible cause for this issue?

A.    No interfaces exist in the System zone.
B.    No authentication providers are defined in the “Blue” and “Green” access zones.
C.    No failover address was configured for the InfiniBand network.
D.    A local user “root” needs to be created.

Answer: A

A storage administrator needs to create a file pool policy to move files that have not been changed in over two months to their archive tier. The Tiers of nodes with faster and slower node pools already exist. Which file matching criterion should be used to meet this requirement?

A.    atime is older than 2 months ago
B.    birthtime is older than 2 months ago
C.    ctime is older than 2 months ago
D.    mtime is older than 2 months ago

Answer: D

A Media and Entertainment company is considering changing from 2K resolution to 4K resolution. They will continue to use the DNxHD 220 codec. Assuming everything else stays the same, how will this change affect storage?

A.    Storage will be half as large.
B.    Storage will be four times as large.
C.    Storage will be twice as large.
D.    Storage requirements will not change.

Answer: B

A customer is looking for a NAS solution to support their read-intensive application. This solution must meetthe following requirements:
– 1000 users
– Aggregate bandwidth of 5 GB/s
– 500 TB of user data
– Typical latency of 5 ms
– The files are distributed evenly across 10 directories
Which cluster configuration would best meet theserequirements?

A.    Seven X400 (108 TB) nodes with no SSD.
B.    Eight NL400 (96 TB) nodes with 1.6 TB SSD.
C.    Eight X400 (96 TB) nodes with 1.6 TB SSD.
D.    Twenty-five X200 (30 TB) nodes with 800 GB SSD.

Answer: C

What key considerations should be kept in mind when designing a 300 TB solution?

A.    Workflow management
Defining class of service
Time of day services
Data retention and backup
B.    Defining class of service
Time of day services
Data retention and backup
C.    SmartPools
Space for snapshots
D.    Always include 2% SSD

Answer: A

When using an N+2:1 protection policy on a 5-node Isilon cluster, how much capacity will be used to store a 320 KiB file?

A.    320 KiB
B.    448 KiB
C.    576 KiB
D.    640 KiB

Answer: C

When a 104 K data file is written to disk with a protection level of N+2n, what is the protection overhead of the total disk space consumed by the file?

A.    33%
B.    50%
C.    67%
D.    80%

Answer: C

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