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In an Isilon environment, which roles are required to provide full administration privileges to the cluster?

A.    SystemAdmin and SecurityAdmin.
B.    SystemAdmin and AuditAdmin.
C.    VMwareAdmin and AuditAdmin.
D.    SecurityAdmin and VMwareAdmin.

Answer: A

When using an X410 node containing HDDs and SSDs, which bay numbers are used to contain SSDs in the standard configurations?

A.    Bays 1 and 2 only.
B.    Bays 1 through 6.
C.    Bays 31 through 36.
D.    Bays 35 and 36 only.

Answer: B

A storage administrator added three X410 nodes to an existing cluster with three X400 nodes. However, the administrator did not realize that a decision was made to update the InfiniBand back-end switches from DDR to QDR. Which type of cables must be used to connect the X400 nodes to the new switches?

A.    Hybrid (QSFP-to-CX4)
B.    IB (Cx4-to-CX4)
D.    Ethernet (DB45 CAT-6)

Answer: A

What will occur when an Isilon node pool is below the recommended protection level?

A.    CELOG will generate an underprotected event.
B.    File will be striped to an additional drive.
C.    File will be mirrored.
D.    An additional copy of the metadata will be stored on the SSD drives.

Answer: A

Refer to the Exhibit. A storage administrator has an Isilon cluster with the following:
– Five S210 nodes
– Eight X200 nodes
– Eight NL400 nodes
The cluster default protection level is set to N+2n and the administrator has configured the listed file pool policies. A video capture station saves a new file to /ifs/content/project as intro.mov. Which node pool is the intro.mov file written to and which protection level is applied?

A.    NL400_Pool at N+3n protection
B.    S210 _Pool at N+2n protection
C.    X200_Pool at N+2n protection
D.    X200_Pool at N+3n protection

Answer: B

What are the minimum requirements needed to enable the Global Namespace Acceleration setting?

A.    1.5% of the disks capacity must be SSD.
20% of the nodes must contain SSDs.
B.    2.0% of the disks capacity must be SSD.
5% of the nodes must contain SSDs.
SmartPool license.
C.    2.5% of the disks capacity must be SSD.
SmartPool license.
D.    20% of the number of disks must be SSDs.

Answer: A

When configuring LACP between an Ethernet switch and an Isilon node, what is an important consideration?

A.    Isilon cluster side is considered passive.
B.    Switch must be configured as passive.
C.    Dynamic pool must be used.
D.    SmartConnect Advanced must be licensed.

Answer: A

A storage administrator has configured two SmartConnect zones on an Isilon cluster labeled ZoneA and ZoneB. Source-Based Routing has been enabled on the cluster. How will the outgoing network packets from the cluster be routed back to the requesting IP?

A.    Both zones will use the source IP to route the packets.
B.    Both zones will use the highest priority default gateway.
C.    ZoneB will route all packets through ZoneA.
D.    ZoneA will route all packets through ZoneB.

Answer: A

A storage administrator needs to enable FTP service on an Isilon cluster to allow internal customers to upload files to the company. However, the administrator does not want to create individual user names and passwords for each internal customer. How can the cluster support this requirement?

A.    Enable FTP anonymous access.
B.    Configure Active Directory to support anonymous access.
C.    Configure LDAP to support anonymous access.
D.    Enable FTP server-to-server transfers.

Answer: A

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