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What can be modified in the subnet settings on an Isilon cluster?

B.    SmartConnect zone name
C.    Interface membership
D.    Access zone membership

Answer: A

A storage administrator has an Isilon cluster consisting of 10 nodes with identical hardware and are members of a single node pool. A 1024 Kb file stored on that cluster is protected at N+3n. What is the total number of copies of the file’s metadata?

A.    3
B.    4
C.    6
D.    5

Answer: B

What can be configured on the SmartPools page in the web administration interface of an Isilon cluster?

A.    GNA, VHS, L3 cache, Global Spillover.
B.    Address pools, L2 cache, tiers, snapshot storage.
C.    L1 cache, file pool policies, VHS, notifications.
D.    Data access pattern, protection setting, VHS, deduplication.

Answer: A

Which mechanisms can provide real time notification of Isilon events?

A.    ESRS, SNMP traps, and SMTP.
B.    SupportIQ, isi statistics, and SNMP polling.
C.    isi_gather_info, SNMP set, and SupportIQ.
D.    SNMP traps, SNMP set, and SNMP polling.

Answer: A

An Isilon administrator restored an individual user’s 30-day snapshot of a directory. However, that individual has now left the company. What must be done to allow another user to access data inside this directory?

A.    ACL permission must be updated or changed for the directory or file.
B.    ACL permissions are automatically restored matching the new user.
C.    Mode bits on the restored directory are automatically rwxr-xr– for the new user.
D.    Mode bits on the restored directory are automatically r-xr-xr– for the new user.

Answer: A

An Isilon storage administrator has created a 500 GB quota on a new directory called `/ifs/homedirs’. The administrator then begins migrating files from a Linux server through NFS to the new directory. The migration tool returns a “Disk quota exceeded” error and fails to complete after approximately 400 GB of files are copied to the Isilon cluster. However, the cluster is reporting 10 TB of unused capacity. What is the most likely cause for this error?

A.    Hard quota includes overhead
B.    SmartPool tier capacity has been exceeded
C.    Soft quotas have been exceeded
D.    Only the root can exceed 80% of quota

Answer: A

Which Isilon cluster quota events can be triggered for a soft quota?

A.    Soft quota limit exceeded, limit remains exceeded, grace period expired, and write access denied.
B.    Soft quota limit exceeded, grace period expired, write access denied, and advisory limit exceeded.
C.    Soft quota limit exceeded, limit remains exceeded, grace period expired, and report generation failed.
D.    Soft quota write access denied, grace period expired, write access denied, and report generation failed.

Answer: A

A storage administrator wants to gather NFS performance numbers on an Isilon cluster. The administrator does not currently have a license for InsightIQ. What is another Isilon tool that can be used to monitor the cluster?

A.    isi statistics
B.    isi nfs
C.    isi set
D.    isi networks

Answer: A

On the Isilon cluster CLI, which command will display the most active nodes every two seconds, from highest to lowest?

A.    isi statistics system –top –nodes –interval=2
B.    isi alert list –newest=2 –nodes=all
C.    isi devices -a status -d 2
D.    isi_for_array -s isi status

Answer: A

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