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A new 500 GB VM disk is created on a database that resides on an XtremIO LUN. The VMware administrator plans to provision the disk using the thick provisioned eager zeroed format. How much physical XtremIO capacity will be allocated during this process?

A.    5 GB
B.    10 GB
C.    50 GB
D.    None

Answer: D
XtremIO storage is natively thin provisioned, using a small internal block size. This provides fine-grained resolution for the thin provisioned space. All volumes in the system are thin provisioned, meaning that the system consumes capacity only when it is actually needed. XtremIO determines where to place the unique data blocks physically inside the cluster after it calculates their fingerprint IDs. Therefore, it never pre-allocates or thick-provisions storage space before writing.

A customer wants to purchase an XtremIO array. After the array is installed, the customer wants to initially disable encryption. What is the result of enabling encryption on an array that is already being used?

A.    Data will remain in place but the XtremIO cluster services will need to be temporarily shutdown.
B.    Data will remain in place and there will be no interruption to the XtremIO cluster services.
C.    Data will be erased but there will be no interruption to the XtremIO cluster services.
D.    Data will be erased and the XtremIO cluster services will be temporarily shutdown.

Answer: A
Disable Encryption and Non-Encrypted Models. This version allows disabling the Data at Rest Encryption (DARE), if desired. Disabling and Enabling is done when the cluster is stopped.

An XtremIO administrator is having a problem with performance and is troubleshooting the issue. What is an accurate statement about I/O transfers?

A.    As I/O size increases, IOPs increase, and latency increases
B.    As I/O size increases, IOPs decrease, and bandwidth increases
C.    As I/O size decreases, IOPs increase, and bandwidth increases
D.    As I/O size decreases, IOPs decrease, and latency increases

Answer: A
Large block I/O by nature incurs higher latency.

Which operation is performed when an XtremIO Snapshot is created?

A.    Pointers to the ancestor metadata are created for the snapshot
B.    Space equal to the size of the ancestor is allocated to the snapshot
C.    A reserved space is created for new snapshot data
D.    A deduplication pass is immediately run against the snapshot

Answer: A
When a snap is created, the following steps occur:
1. Two empty containers are created in-memory.
2. Snapshot SCSI personality is pointing to the new snapshot sub-node.
3. The SCSI personality which the host is using, is linked to the second node in the internal data tree.

A storage administrator wants to add a volume to their XtremIO storage array using the RESTful API. Which RESTful method should be used to complete this task?


Answer: A
An example of a generic wrapper function that queries XtremIO REST API using HTTP/POST to create a new object with specified properties:

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