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Refer to the exhibit. A customer has a VMware Horizon View environment with the following characteristics:
* One X-Brick XtremIO cluster
* 100% read during a boot storm
* 8K read/writes
What is the maximum recommended number of VDIs the XtremIO cluster can support during a boot storm?

A.    1625
B.    1833
C.    3250
D.    5094

Answer: A
EMC estimates that 150 IOPS per desktop is required in a boot storm. As per table the recommended number of VDIs then is 243,831/ 150, which equals 1625.
https://www.emc.com/collateral/white-papers/h14279-wp-vmware-horizon-xtremio-design-considerations.pdf (page 32)

You have worked with a customer to successfully evaluate their existing server environment using the MiTrend data analysis tool. You have collected the resulting reports and aggregated the data set. You determine the customer’s application workload generates a 50:50 read/write ratio with an average of 500K IOPs during peak business hours. Which recommended XtremIO model meets the customer’s needs?

A.    Starter X-Brick cluster
B.    Single X-Brick cluster
C.    Two X-Brick cluster
D.    Four X-Brick cluster

Answer: D

A customer has a VMware vSphere environment running Native Multipathing (NMP). Which path selection policy should be set for optimal performance when connected to an XtremIO cluster?

A.    Fixed AP
B.    Most Recently Used
C.    Fixed
D.    Round Robin

Answer: D
For best performance, it is recommended to do the following: set the native round robin path selection policy on XtremIO volumes presented to the ESX host.

A customer is interested in transitioning their traditional infrastructure to the Cloud by implementing ViPR software-defined storage in an XtremIO environment. Which capabilities will EMC ViPR software-defined storage provide to XtremIO?

A.    Delivers SaaS
Centralized management and monitoring
Chargeback and billing capabilities
B.    Chargeback reporting capability
Centralizes reactive monitoring capability
Policy-driven configuration management
C.    Automatically grows storage volumes
Slows growth of data
Centralized auto-deletes of aging files
D.    Creates virtual storage pools
Automates disaster recovery
Replaces chargeback capabilities

Answer: A
EMC ViPR Controller is a software-defined storage platform that abstracts, pools and automates a data center’s underlying physical storage infrastructure. It provides data center administrators with a single control plane for heterogeneous storage systems. ViPR enables software-defined data centers by providing features including: comprehensive and customizable platform reporting capabilities that include capacity metering, chargeback, and performance monitoring through the included ViPR SolutionPack.

Based on XtremIO best practice, which byte sector size should be used for volumes hosting Oracle database files?

A.    256
B.    512
C.    1024
D.    4096

Answer: D
Architecting a database on an All Flash Array (AFA) like EMC’s XtremIO is best done by reviewing practices to optimize I/O performance. One consideration is the use of Advanced Format and how it impacts the performance of the database Redo logs. Advanced Format refers to a new physical sector size of 4096 bytes (4KB) replacing original 512 byte standard.

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