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What needs to be considered when designing a distributed storage solution?

A.    Multiple management tools
B.    Fault domain detection and isolation to ensure data availability
C.    RAID configuration to ensure a drive failure is avoided
D.    Automated storage tiering to enable efficient use of drive

Answer: B
A distributed data store is a computer network where information is stored on more than one node, often in a replicated fashion. Distributed data stores typically use an error detection and correction technique. Some distributed data stores (such as Parchive over NNTP) use forward error correction techniques to recover the original file when parts of that file are damaged or unavailable. Others try again to download that file from a different mirror.

An organization wants to deploy a block storage in the cloud using a storage array that is accessible through the iSCSI protocol. The hosts support iSCSI. Why would network segmentation be included in the design to support this requirement?

A.    Secure all traffic between the storage array and the hosts
B.    Enable CHAP between the array and hosts
C.    iSCSI traffic is not supported on networks with other types of traffic
D.    Enable LUN masking capabilities of the array

Answer: D
LUN masking is a further constraint added to LUN zoning to ensure that only devices authorized to access a specific server can access the corresponding port. A logical unit number (LUN) is a unique identifier that designates individual hard disk devices or grouped devices for address by a protocol associated with a SCSI, iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC) or similar interface. LUNs are central to the management of block storage arrays shared over a storage area network (SAN).

An organization wants to include performance monitoring in their cloud environment. However, they want to minimize the number of accounts and passwords that must be created on target devices and sent across the network. Which monitoring solution should a cloud architect recommend to meet this requirement?

A.    Proxy
B.    Agent-based
C.    Agentless
D.    Central

Answer: D

An architect is designing a cloud. The architect has decided to place the cloud management platform components on a separate set of compute, network, and storage infrastructure from the consumer resources. Why would the architect make this decision?

A.    Provide static and dedicated resources to the management applications without affecting the efficiency of consumer resource sharing.
B.    Provide static and dedicated resources to the consumer applications without affecting the efficiency of the management applications.
C.    Provide additional security to the management infrastructure by eliminating exposure to public-facing networks.
D.    Provide separate billing for the management applications for the consumer’s resources.

Answer: C

An organization is implementing a backup solution for their private cloud. They are concerned that having the backup data stored onsite will expose them to lose in the event of a site-wide disaster. They are considering replicating the backup storage to an external site. What are the design considerations involved with this replication solution?

A.    Ensuring proper hypervisor support and the availability of a federated single sign-on solution
B.    Ensuring network traffic encryption is considered and ensuring proper hypervisor support
C.    Ensuring sufficient network bandwidth is available and network traffic encryption is considered
D.    Ensuring proper hypervisor support and sufficient network bandwidth is available

Answer: C

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