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Which client process listens for a work order from the EMC Avamar server?

A.    avagent
B.    avtar
C.    avscc
D.    mcs

Answer: A

In EMC Avamar, what is a variable-size unit of deduplicated data?

A.    Chunk
B.    Stripe
C.    Hash
D.    Block

Answer: A

An EMC Avamar customer, without premium support, has a requirement to be able to recover from a failed storage node. What is the minimum amount of nodes, of all types, that is required to support this functionality?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    5

Answer: D

Which feature is available through the Avamar Enterprise Manager, but not available through the Administrator console?

A.    Configuring selective replication
B.    Generating reports
C.    Viewing policy information
D.    Viewing system status information

Answer: A

Based on the configuration represented in the exhibit, which type(s) of EMC Avamar replication can be used?

A.    Normal
B.    Full copy
C.    Root-to-root
D.    Normal and root-to-root

Answer: A

Where are replication log files stored on an EMC Avamar server?

A.    /usr/local/avamar/var/cron/replicate.log
B.    /usr/local/avamar/var/log/replicate.log
C.    /usr/local/avamar/var/cron/log/replicate.log
D.    /usr/local/avamar/log/replicate.log

Answer: A

A storage administrator is using the Avamar Administrator console to configure replication. What is the default password for the “repluser” account?

A.    9RttoTriz
B.    8RttoTriz
C.    changeme
D.    P3t3rPan

Answer: A

A storage administrator wants to migrate from a single-node EMC Avamar server to a Avamar multi-node server. Which method of replication should be used?

A.    Root-to-root
B.    Root-to-replicate
C.    Selective
D.    Normal

Answer: A

Which functionality is only available with EMC Avamar selective replication?

A.    Replication of selected clients.
B.    Replication of selected datasets of selected clients.
C.    Replication to selected destinations.
D.    Replication on selected days of the week.

Answer: A

An EMC Avamar storage administrator has 400 Microsoft Windows clients; 350 are production and 50 are development. The administrator wants to replicate only the production servers. If repl_cron.cfg is changed to exclude only the development servers, what will be replicated?

A.    Production clients, MC_Backups, and EM_Backups only.
B.    Production clients only.
C.    Production clients and MC_Backups only.
D.    Production clients, MC_Backups, EM_Backups, and checkpoints.

Answer: A

An EMC Avamar storage administrator has 400 Microsoft Windows clients; 350 are production and 50 are development. The administrator wants to replicate only the production servers. If Enterprise Manager is used to only include the production servers, what will be replicated?

A.    Clients.
B.    Clients and MC_Backups.
C.    Clients, MC_Backups, and EM_Backups.
D.    Clients, MC_Backups, EM_Backups, and checkpoints.

Answer: A

An EMC Avamar server is configured to use the default settings. What is the maximum allowable O/S capacity utilization after which HFS checks will not run?

A.    65%
B.    85%
C.    90%
D.    95%

Answer: C

What is the behavior of an EMC Avamar HFS check when it detects an error in a stripe?

A.    Attempts stripe repair.
B.    Aborts checking and restarts.
C.    Completes with exceptions.
D.    Stops the GSAN.

Answer: A

Which EMC Avamar Administration Console window is used to adjust the time when the server runs garbage collection?

A.    Tools => Manage Schedules
B.    Administration => Event Management
C.    Policy => Policy Management
D.    Administration => Services Administration

Answer: A

In steady state, what is the approximate rate of data removed from an Avamar grid during a daily garbage collection?

A.    10 GB per hour per node.
B.    10 GB per hour per grid.
C.    100 GB per hour per node.
D.    100 GB per hour per grid.

Answer: A

What are the EMC Avamar daily activities that run during the maintenance window?

A.    Checkpoint and HFS check.
B.    Garbage collection and HFS check.
C.    HFS check and Rollback.
D.    Checkpoint and Rollback.

Answer: A

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