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Which EMC Avamar utility is used to configure a multinode server within a NAT environment?

A.    netconfig
B.    ifconfig
C.    avmaint
D.    dpnnetutil

Answer: D

You are performing an installation of the EMC Avamar software when you encounter the message
“Error: You must place a valid Avamar license key in /usr/local/avamar/etc/license.xml …”.
What is the relevance of this message?

A.    You may fully use the system until the licensing grace period expires.
B.    You will not be able to use the system at all.
C.    You will be able to write backup data to the system, but not retrieve that data.
D.    You may fully use the system, but for a limited amount of backup data only.

Answer: A

You need to install a multinode EMC Avamar server. To which node(s) should you copy the Avamar software file?

A.    Utility node and active data nodes.
B.    Utility node only.
C.    Utility node, active data nodes, and spare node.
D.    Active data nodes only.

Answer: B

Which command is used to configure basic networking on an EMC Avamar node, prior to the transfer of the EMC Avamar software to it?

A.    netconfig
B.    ifconfig
C.    ipconfig
D.    dpnnetutil

Answer: A

What is the result of specifying only one NTP server during an EMC Avamar server software installation?

A.    The utility node will be used as the secondary time source.
B.    The installation will raise an error and fail.
C.    Only one time source will be used.
D.    A time source will be automatically selected.

Answer: A

Which command is used to configure basic networking on an EMC Avamar node?

A.    dpnnetutil
B.    ifconfig
C.    netconfig
D.    netstat

Answer: C

Which Avamar utility modifies the operating system networking files on an Avamar utility node?

A.    dpnnetutil
B.    node.cfg
C.    nodenumbers
D.    dpnutils

Answer: A

What describes the Avamar “benchmark_gen” script?

A.    A perl script that looks for /data* mounts and creates a single shell script benchmark.
B.    An executable that creates a /QA directory within which files are created and read by dt.
C.    A perl script that extracts the summarized dt results.
D.    An executable that performs a random seek, followed by a single read, for a specified number of iterations.

Answer: A

What is the minimum seek time required to pass the benchmark test of a single-node, 3.3 TB EMC Avamar?

A.    450 seeks/sec
B.    500 seeks/sec
C.    550 seeks/sec
D.    325 seeks/sec

Answer: D

By default, where are the cache files located on an EMC Avamar Windows backup client?

A.    C:\Program Files\avs\var
B.    C:\Program Files\avs\var\clientlogs
C.    C:\Program Files\avs\administrator
D.    C:\Program Files\avs\bin

Answer: A

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