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By default, what does the asktime utility do when executed on the utility node?

A.    Configures the current time on the utility node and on all storage nodes.
B.    Reports the NTP server’s current time.
C.    Reports the time on the execution node.
D.    Configures the current time on the execution node only.

Answer: A

You are configuring a utility node for a multinode RAIN system with four 3.3 TB nodes. How many LUNs should be configured for the utility node?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: A

A customer is currently running a 1 x 2 Avamar server with 1 TB nodes. In order to add new clients to their Avamar environment, the customer needs more capacity. How can this be achieved?

A.    Add one, 2 TB node to the 1 x 2 infrastructure with RAIN enabled.
B.    Add one, 1 TB node to the existing Avamar server with RAIN enabled.
C.    Upgrade the current Avamar 1 TB license to a 2 TB license.
D.    Migrate the backup data to a new 1 x 4 server using root-to-root replication.

Answer: D

What does an EMC Avamar Accelerator node provide?

A.    Backup and recovery functionality for NAS storage devices.
B.    Ability to offload processing from a Utility node.
C.    Ability to offload processing from a Storage node.
D.    Enhanced access to the Avamar File System.

Answer: A

Which hardware platforms are certified for the installation of the EMC Avamar “software only” edition?

A.    Dell, HP, and IBM.
B.    Dell, HP, and Sun.
C.    Acer, Dell, and IBM.
D.    HP, IBM, and Sun.

Answer: A

In what type of file is backup data stored in an EMC Avamar storage node?

A.    Chunks
B.    Hash
C.    Stripes
D.    Index

Answer: C

You have completed a file transfer of the EMC Avamar software tar file to the Avamar server. What would you use to verify that the contents of the EMC Avamar software tar file are not corrupt?

A.    md5sum
B.    sftp
C.    winscp
D.    tar

Answer: A

You have correctly executed the EMC Avamar network definition utility and rebooted all of the nodes in your Avamar server. To check that the nodes have been defined correctly, you execute the command mapall –all –user=root date. Which nodes should respond by displaying the output of the command?

A.    Utility node, active data nodes, and spare node.
B.    Utility node and active data nodes only.
C.    Active data nodes and spare node only.
D.    Active data nodes only.

Answer: B

What does the iperf utility test?

A.    Bandwidth between hosts
B.    Disk performance
C.    CPU performance
D.    Apache performance

Answer: A

Which utility is used to ensure that the network throughput between nodes in a multinode Avamar server is acceptable?

A.    iperf
B.    ping
C.    dpnnetutil
D.    netstat

Answer: A

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