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Which two statements describe port binding?

A.    Supported on M-series switches
B.    Supported on MDS-series switches
C.    Allows one to specify which port will be allowed access to a specified target
D.    Allows one to specify which WWN will be allowed access on a specified port

Answer: AD

When are zoning changes made in EMC VisualSAN 4.0 saved on a DS-16B2 switch?

A.    Immediately
B.    When they are refreshed
C.    When they are committed
D.    At next 30 minute information refresh

Answer: C

Which settings are used for connecting a PC serial port to the M-Series products?

A.    57600 bits per second, 8 Data bits, Even parity, 2 Stop bit, Xon/Xoff Flow Control
B.    57600 bits per second, 7 Data bits, None for parity, 1 Stop bit, None for Flow Control
C.    57600 bits per second, 8 Data bits, None for parity, 1 Stop bit, None for Flow Control
D.    57600 bits per second, 7 Data bits, None for parity, 2 Stop bit, Hardware Flow Control

Answer: C

Which is an EMC recommended best practice when doing fabric zoning?

A.    Single FA zoning
B.    Multiple FA zoning
C.    Single HBA zoning
D.    Multiple HBA zoning

Answer: C

Which command is used to view the login history table of the Symmetrix?

A.    symmask list vcmdb
B.    symmask list hba -v
C.    symmask list logins
D.    symmask list database


Which command is used to notify PowerPath Volume Manager (PPVM) of a BCV device state change?

A.    symcfg discover
B.    symcfg rediscover
C.    powervadm discover
D.    powervadm rediscover

Answer: D

Which two UNIX utilities are used to test network connectivity?

A.    ping
B.    ifconfig
C.    nslookup
D.    traceroute

Answer: AD

Which two statements apply to the MDS IP Storage Services Module?

A.    Supports VSAN zoning
B.    Requires ISLs to access storage ports
C.    Supports host I/O traffic to both CLARiiON and Symmetrix
D.    Supports both CLARiiON and Symmetrix remote replication technologies

Answer: AD

How many users can telnet into a Brocade B2 series switch at one time?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    4
D.    10

Answer: A

How can it be verified that the ControlCenter server is available on TCP port 5799?

A.    srvmgr
B.    netstat -a
C.    ping console |type -m
D.    ping localhost -p 5799

Answer: B

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