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What are two PowerPath modes of operation?

A.    active
B.    primary
C.    passive
D.    standby

Answer: AD

How many ISLs are required to implement an extended distance IP solution in a MDS-9509 Director?

A.    0
B.    2
C.    4
D.    6

Answer: A

You have added two McData DS-32M switches at a remote location without a service processor and DSM-Connect on the ControlCenter infrastructure server. You have been unable to discover the DS-32M switches using SAN Manager. What action is needed?

A.    Enable the Embedded Web Server.
B.    Upgrade firmware on the DS-32M switches.
C.    Install DSM-Connect on the Service Processor.
D.    Install DSM-Connect Software on a separate host.

Answer: D

What does the RCT_L frame field setting indicate?

A.    The arbitrated frame size.
B.    Whether a primitive function has been requested.
C.    The sequence number of the frame in an ordered set.
D.    Whether the fame contains link control information or data.

Answer: D

A customer cannot discover his Brocade switches within ControlCenter. Which command must be run on the switch to resolve this?

A.    snmpshow
B.    configure
C.    agtcfgset
D.    snmpmibcapset

Answer: D

In a McDATA environment, which software allows for I/O threshold alerts to be configured?

A.    OnAlert
C.    FibreZone Bridge
D.    Connectrix Manager

Answer: D

Which describes the non-blocking architecture deployed in M-series switches?

A.    Allows frames to be sent to destination ports based on the receiving ports availability.
B.    Switch operations which move data across the bus into CMM and finally to MPC for delivery.
C.    Memory based operations which fence partitions of memory into bit-buckets for data delivery.
D.    Allows memory segmentation across the s/bar platform permitting data re-direction based on ASIC availability.

Answer: A

Which Brocade CLI command prints entries of the nameserver?

A.    nsDisp
B.    nsShow
C.    showNS
D.    showNameServer

Answer: B

Where are available zones stored when using Connectrix Manager to add a zone to an existing fabric?

A.    Zone Library
B.    Zones in ZoneSet
C.    Hardware Fabric List
D.    Active Switch Memory

Answer: A

In either a UNIX or Windows environment, which command is used for PowerPath monitoring and management?

A.    powermt
B.    powermon
C.    pp_select
D.    powerdisplay

Answer: A

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