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What are key characteristics of regular lattices?

A.    Low clustering coefficients, high network diameters.
B.    High clustering coefficients, small network diameters.
C.    Low clustering coefficients, small network diameters.
D.    High clustering coefficients, high network diameters.

Answer: D

What are the major components of the YARN architecture?

A.    ResourceManager and NodeManager.
B.    Task Tracker and NameNode.
C.    HDFS, Tez, and Spark.
D.    Avro, ZooKeeper, and HDFS.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. In the graph, which edge would be considered a weak lie?

A.    C-E
B.    E-F
C.    B-C
D.    G-l

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. If two of the communities are re-designated to be one community, how does that change the network characteristics?

A.    Neighborhood overlap would increase
B.    Network diameter would decrease
C.    Modularity would increase
D.    Modularity would decrease

Answer: B

A simulation to compare two different sales models yields different results for the same set of input variables in different runs. What is the likely cause?

A.    Bit operating system was used.
B.    The same number of trials was used.
C.    A linear congruenlial generator (LCG) was used for pseudo-random number generation.
D.    Different seeds forthe random number generator were used.

Answer: C

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