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What is a random subspace of features, as used by Random Forests?

A.    A random subset of features that are chosen at each split in the decision tree.
B.    Filtration of data that does not meet a pre-defined weighting thrsehold.
C.    The creation of out-of-bag (OOB) data that is used to select features.
D.    Removal of highly correlated variables to randomize the features.

Answer: A

Which metric would be most helpful in identifying a node that may cause network disruption if the node were removed?

A.    Degree
B.    Closeness
C.    Betweenness
D.    PageRank

Answer: A

Which graph structure would best model the relationship between job seekers and employers?

A.    Bipartite
B.    Weighted
C.    Directed acyclic
D.    Ranked

Answer: A

What is an effective use of color in visualization?

A.    Use self-explanatory colors so a legend is unnecessary.
B.    Maximize use of color to make a more lasting impression.
C.    Use high contrast colors such as red and blue.
D.    Minimize use of color except for emphasis.

Answer: C

How can you improve processing performance in HIVE?

A.    Partition tables.
B.    Run the SET hive.exec.parallel = false command.
C.    Ensure highly normalized tables and use joins.
D.    Minimize bucketing.

Answer: A

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