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The Reserved Capacity for a Storage Resource Pool (SRP) on a VMAX3 has been set to 15%. A TimeFinder SnapVX snapshot has been created for a Storage Group containing 10 devices. An application is actively performing read and write I/Os to these devices. Allocation for the SRP reaches 85%. What will happen to the snapshot?

A.    Snapshot will fail.
B.    Snapshot deltas will be allocated from the Reserved Capacity.
C.    Snapshot will persist but new snapshot deltas cannot be created.
D.    Snapshot will terminate.

Answer: A

Which device type can be used as a Gatekeeper?

A.    TDEV
B.    BCV
C.    VDEV
D.    TDAT

Answer: C

SRDF/A has been enabled between two VMAX3 arrays. An extended loss of all RDF links occurs. What will the RDF pair states be after link connectivity is restored?

A.    Suspended
B.    Partitioned
C.    Failed Over
D.    Split

Answer: A

You are attempting to install Unisphere for VMAX 8.0 on a server with the following configuration:
– Microsoft Windows Server 2008 32-bit
– Dual core processor
– 16 GB RAM
– 180 GB free space
The installation is unable to continue because a pre-requisite has not been met. What is the likely cause of the error?

A.    64-bit operating system is required.
B.    24 GB of RAM is required.
C.    240 GB of free space is required.
D.    Quad core processor is required.

Answer: A

What are the pre-configured devices used by the Data Services Hypervisor VM?

B.    TDEV

Answer: A

Which SRDF/A feature provides increased replication resiliency from temporary spikes in write workloads or link loss?

A.    Delta Set Extension
B.    SRDF FAST Coordination
C.    Multi-Session Consistency
D.    Software Compression

Answer: A

An administrator has just migrated block data from a Unified VNX array to a new VMAX3 array. The administrator now wants to migrate the file data from the Unified VNX to the new array. The VMAX3 is not configured with eNAS and the administrator wants to enable it. What is required to enable eNAS?

A.    eNAS must be installed at the factory.
B.    Obtain the eNAS binaries and install them.
C.    Use SYMCLI to enable eNAS on the array.
D.    Contact Support and have them enable it through ESRS.

Answer: A

You have configured Open Replicator between a new VMAX3 array and an older Symmetrix. A host is connected to the VMAX3 array and a control device is configured to pull data from a remote device. You want the host to be able to access data on the control device while the data is being pulled from the remote device. What will cause writes to the control device to be propagated back to the remote device?

A.    Donor Update
B.    Copy-on-First Access
C.    Front-end Zero Detection
D.    Background Copy

Answer: A

A VMAX3 parent Storage Group (SG) contains two child SGs: SG1 and SG2. What is a valid bandwidth limit setting for this cascaded Storage Group?

A.    Parent SG – 400; SG1 – 500; SG2 – 200.
B.    Parent SG – 400; SG1 – 500; SG2 – NOLIMIT.
C.    Parent SG – 500; SG1 – 500; SG2 – 400.
D.    Parent SG – 500; SG1 – NOLIMIT; SG2 – 1000.

Answer: C

Unisphere for VMAX was recently installed and the default HTTPS port was used. What must be done in order to change the default port?

A.    Uninstall and re-install the application.
B.    Overwrite the HTTPS port.
C.    Update the SYMAPI server with the correct HTTPS port.
D.    Default port must be retained.

Answer: D

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