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In which chargeback model do consumers commit up-front on their required cloud resources for the committed period?

A.    Fixed cost
B.    Pay-as-you-go
C.    Subscription by peak usage
D.    User-based

Answer: A

Which role in a cloud provider organization is responsible for understanding consumer needs and industry trends to drive an effective product strategy?

A.    Service manager
B.    Account manager
C.    Cloud architect
D.    Service operations manager

Answer: A

An organization wants to leverage the infrastructure resources in their existing data center and transform it to a cloud infrastructure. Which type of deployment is suitable for this transformation?

A.    Brownfield
B.    Private cloud
C.    Public cloud
D.    Greenfield

Answer: A

What is an accurate statement about an active/active service availability zone configuration?

A.    It provides a lower recovery time objective (RTO).
B.    The zones must be connected over a FC network.
C.    The zones must be located more than 200km apart.
D.    It has reduced bandwidth requirements for replication across zones.

Answer: A

What is the role of a proxy server in an image-based backup solution?

A.    Performs backup operations by using the virtual machine snapshot.
B.    Stores backup media for a virtual machine backup.
C.    Creates the snapshot for the virtual machine to be backed up.
D.    Transfers data directly from the guest OS to the backup device.

Answer: A

A cloud service provider plans to implement data deduplication in their backup environment. The service provider has a network bandwidth and storage space constraint. Which deduplication method should be deployed by the service provider?

A.    Source-based
B.    Target-based
C.    Post-process
D.    In-line

Answer: A

Which statement is true about virtual machine (VM) snapshots?

A.    A snapshot holds only changed blocks.
B.    A single delta disk file is used for all the snapshots of a VM.
C.    A snapshot provides a zero recovery point objective.
D.    A parent virtual disk is not required for recovery from a snapshot.

Answer: A

What is an advantage of synchronous remote replication?

A.    Provides near zero recovery point objective.
B.    Replicates data across any geographic location without impacting response time.
C.    Supports locality of reference to improve replication performance.
D.    Saves network bandwidth by replicating only deduplicated data.

Answer: A

What is an advantage of asynchronous remote replication?

A.    Replicates data across any geographic location without impacting response time.
B.    Provides near zero recovery point objective.
C.    Saves network bandwidth by replicating only deduplicated data.
D.    Ensures source LUN and replica have identical data at all times.

Answer: A

A provider offers a 24×7 online service to consumers. The service experiences three hours of downtime during one week. What is the availability of the service for that week?

A.    90.5%
B.    92.5%
C.    95.2%
D.    98.2%

Answer: D

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