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What best describes a ReportPack?

A.    Report templates packaged in a convenient file.
B.    A generic SolutionPack.
C.    Everything under your personal reports (i.e., “My Reports”).
D.    An early release of a SolutionPack.

Answer: A

You are performing administration for a group of multi-user contract accounts. You want to be able to quickly disable logins for any account in the event that the account’s contract expires. Which group of settings provides this capability?

A.    Roles Management
B.    Profiles Management
C.    EMC M&R Users
D.    Centralized Management

Answer: A

When will role filters be aggregated together using an OR statement?

A.    When the user is a member of multiple roles.
B.    When the user is an external member.
C.    When the roles have multiple users.
D.    When there is both a user master filter and a role master filter.

Answer: A

How can you implement user authentication that will first attempt to use LDAP and if that fails, will fall back to local authentication?

A.    Create a CombinedRealm that nests first the LDAP JNDIRealm followed by the MasterRealm.
B.    Uncomment the LDAP JNDIRealm then move the MasterRealm to follow it.
C.    Create both the LDAP JNDIRealm and the MasterRealm.
D.    Uncomment and configure the LDAP JNDIRealm then move the MasterRealm to follow it.

Answer: A

What is the base retention policy for 1-hour aggregate data?

A.    61 days
B.    31 days
C.    91 days
D.    121 days

Answer: A

Two Brocade switches are discovered in a ViPR SRM instance. Even though the `Enable Passive Host Discovery’ checkbox had been selected in the Brocade FC Switch SolutionPack configuration, there are no hosts under the Passively Discovered Hosts folder. What could be the cause of this issue?

A.    Invalid SMI-S credentials
B.    SNMP Port blocked by a firewall
C.    Incorrect SNMP community string
D.    Default zoning is enabled on the switches

Answer: A

Which utility should be used to do advanced troubleshooting of data collection?

A.    File-Connector
C.    Search Engine
D.    MySQL

Answer: A

Which ViPR SRM module is responsible for data enrichment?

A.    Collector-manager
B.    APG-Backend
C.    Task-Scheduler
D.    Frontend Report Engine

Answer: A

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