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Which ViPR SRM Host has the Topology Mapping Service?

A.    Collector Host
B.    Backend Host
C.    Frontend host
D.    All ViPR SRM hosts

Answer: A

Which database is included with ViPR SRM?

A.    MySQL
B.    Oracle
C.    MS SQL
D.    Oracle SQL

Answer: A

What is the purpose of the Event Database?

A.    Detects faults in the environment and stores data in Database.
B.    Receives notifications from remote systems and stores data in Database.
C.    Stores Event-based messages.
D.    Stores data from Alerting module.

Answer: C

In the ViPR SRM base directory, what is the purpose of the bin directory?

A.    Main place where CLI tools are found.
B.    Main repository of binaries and libraries.
C.    Repository of License and Package managers.
D.    Repository of helper scripts used by Support.

Answer: A

Upon completion of installation of a Brocade SolutionPack you want notifications to be forwarded to a centralized management system for ticketing purposes. What action needs to be performed?

A.    Edit Alert Consolidation Trap Notification rule to set destination host.
B.    Request that management system administrator configure the management system to accept traps sent from the Alerting Module.
C.    Configure firewall rule set to allow Alerting Module to send traps to centralized management system.
D.    Nothing is required; this process is handled by the Brocade SolutionPack installer.

Answer: A

Which three ViPR SRM categories characterize ViPR SRM?

A.    Visualize, Analyze, Optimize.
B.    Configuration, Utilization, Analysis.
C.    SLA Management, Chargeback, Compliance.
D.    Performance, Planning, Chargeback.

Answer: A

In ViPR SRM, what is the module name used to manage SNMP devices?

A.    SNMP Device Discovery
B.    MIB Browser
C.    Generic-SNMP Collector
D.    SNMP Collector

Answer: A

In the context of reporting, what are some common ViPR SRM properties conventions?

A.    Devtype, device, parttype, part, name.
B.    All properties set for a given metric.
C.    Timestamp, variable id, value, and properties.
D.    Real-time, 1-hour, 1-day, 1-week aggregates.

Answer: A

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