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What is the last step in the hardware installation portion of an EMC Avamar multi-node deployment?

A.    Connecting to the customer network.
B.    Cabling the nodes to the switch.
C.    Powering on the nodes.
D.    Configuring the internal switches.

Answer: A

In an Avamar configuration, what can be backed up to an EMC Data Domain device?

A.    Microsoft Exchange VSS and Oracle
B.    NDMP and Microsoft Exchange
C.    Informix and Oracle
D.    Microsoft SQL Server and File System Data

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of simultaneous backups that can be performed using an EMC Avamar NDMP accelerator with 32 GB of RAM for EMC Celerra DART 6?

A.    4
B.    8
C.    12
D.    16

Answer: B

What is the maximum number of nodes currently available in an Avamar server?

A.    12
B.    16
C.    17
D.    18

Answer: D

You are working in a Microsoft Windows Active/Passive cluster environment. On which cluster node(s) must the EMC Avamar Windows file system client be installed?

A.    Active and passive clients only.
B.    Active client only.
C.    Virtual client only.
D.    Active, passive, and virtual clients.

Answer: A

Which port does EMC Avamar use to access the Management Console database for reporting?

A.    5555
B.    7778
C.    8443
D.    8080

Answer: A

Which type of VMware backup methods does EMC Avamar version 5.x and above support for ESX Server 4.0 and later versions?

A.    Guest and VMware Image Proxy.
B.    Guest, VCB, and VMware Image Proxy.
C.    Guest and VCB.
D.    VCB and VMware Image Proxy.

Answer: A

What is a characteristic of an EMC Avamar NDMP backup?

A.    After the first Level 0 backup, Level 1 backups are performed and merged to a full backup.
B.    Every backup is a Level 0 backup.
C.    Level 1 backups are performed daily and merged to a full backup at the end of the week.
D.    Each backup is a Level 1 backup and is merged to a full backup only when a restore request is received.

Answer: A

When data is being backed up to an EMC Data Domain system in an Avamar environment, where is the backup metadata stored?

A.    On the Avamar grid
B.    On the Data Domain
C.    On the backup client
D.    On both Avamar and Data Domain

Answer: A

A company using EMC Avamar has decided to virtualize their Microsoft Exchange environment using VMware guests instead of physical systems. Which methodology is used to perform online backups of the Microsoft Exchange environment?

A.    VMware Guest Level Backup.
B.    VMware Consolidated Backup.
C.    VMware Image Level with Change Block Tracking.
D.    VMware Image Level without Change Block Tracking.

Answer: A

An EMC Avamar system is integrated with an EMC Data Domain system. When a backup has expired on the Avamar server, what is the impact to the backup data stored on the Data Domain system?

A.    Backup data is marked for deletion on the Data Domain system.
B.    Backup data is deleted from the Data Domain system.
C.    Backup data on the Data Domain system is replicated.
D.    Cleaning is run on the Data Domain system.

Answer: A

A company has decided to deploy the EMC Avamar software to guest machines in a VMware environment. What is the difference between backing up a guest machine versus a physical machine?

A.    No difference.
B.    Image level recovery only.
C.    Avamar cannot replicate the backup of the guest machine.
D.    Deduplication is not as efficient.

Answer: A

A customer has three remote sites that contain large NAS mounted file systems. They would like to back up to their centrally located EMC Avamar server. What is the recommended method for performing these backups?

A.    Install NDMP accelerator nodes in each remote site, backing up to the centrally located Avamar grid over the WAN.
B.    Install an NDMP accelerator node at the central site for all remote site NDMP backups through the WAN links.
C.    Install Avamar client software on the NAS devices in each remote site, backing up to the centrally located Avamar grid over the WAN.
D.    Install Avamar client software on servers which have the file systems mounted and schedule the jobs through the Administrative Console GUI.

Answer: A

A company with EMC Avamar wants to back up an EMC Celerra running DART 6.0. What is the maximum number of simultaneous backups that are supported by a single accelerator?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    8
D.    12

Answer: C

Which type of database does EMC Avamar use to store information about backups?

A.    PostgreSQL
B.    Oracle
C.    MySQL
D.    SQL

Answer: B

What does an HFS check do?

A.    Validates the integrity of a checkpoint
B.    Performs server checkpoint rollbacks
C.    Performs a snapshot of an Avamar server
D.    Checks for RAID controller errors

Answer: C

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