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At which level is the FCID lockdown set on a VMAX3?

A.    Per front-end port
B.    Per initiator Group
C.    Per Port Group
D.    Per Initiator

Answer: B
Explanation: (page 13)

An application is using four VMAX3 devices. A TimeFinder SnapVX snapshot of the Storage Group containing these devices is created at 10:00 AM. The storage administrator adds another device to this Storage Group at 2:00 PM. A restore operation is performed at 3:00 PM using the snapshot. What will be the status of the newly added device after the restore operation?

A.    Not Ready
B.    Failed
C.    Read/Write enabled
D.    Write disabled

Answer: A

In addition to the Solutions Enabler Base daemon, which other daemon is also mandatory at installation?

A.    STP
B.    GNS
C.    SYMAPI Server
D.    Event

Answer: C

A VMAX3 array has been configured with two Storage Resource Pools (SRP). Source volumes are assigned to SRP_1 and target volumes are assigned to SRP_2. A TimeFinder SnapVX snapshot of the source volumes is linked to the target volumes in the default mode. What will happen when there are new host writes to the source volumes?

A.    Snapshot deltas will be stored in the Reserved Capacity of SRP_1.
B.    Snapshot deltas will be stored in the Reserved Capacity of SRP_2.
C.    Snapshot deltas will be stored in SRP_2.
D.    Snapshot deltas will be stored in SRP_1.

Answer: A

What is a benefit of Multi-Cycle Mode of operation for SRDF/A?

A.    SRDF link will experience longer periods of inactivity allowing for shared use of the link.
B.    Delta Set Extension is disabled for this mode of operation.
C.    Data that is sent across the link to the R2 side will be smaller in size and not overwhelm the link.
D.    Enhanced parallel processing will result in more efficient core utilization.

Answer: C

Which Solutions Enabler environment variable can be set to stop the user from getting asked for confirmation during command execution?

A.    symcli_noprompt
B.    symcli_command_scope
C.    symcli_mode
D.    symcli_output_mode

Answer: A
Explanation: (page 243)

A VMAX3 parent Storage Group (SG) contains two child SGs: SG1 and SG2. What is a valid bandwidth limit setting for this cascaded Storage Group?

A.    Parent SG ­ 400; SG1 ­ 500; SG – 200.
B.    Parent SG – 400; SG1 – 500; SG – NOLIMIT.
C.    Parent SG – 500; SG1 – 500; SG – 400.
D.    Parent SG – 500; SG1 – NOLIMIT; SG – 1000.

Answer: C

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