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When using TimeFinder SnapVX technology, what is the maximum number of linked targets of a snapshot that can be created?

A.    255
B.    256
C.    512
D.    1024

Answer: B
Explanation: (page 5)

Which Unisphere for VMAX feature helps determine the available capacity on a VMAX3 array that can be configured with a specified Service Level and Workload Type?

A.    Headroom
B.    FAST Array Advisor
C.    Suitability Check
D.    Performance Plan

Answer: C

What will happen if one or more source (R1) devices in an SRDF/Synchronous Consistency Group cannot propagate data to their corresponding target (R2) devices?

A.    SRDF/S replication will be suspended and a consistent data cleanup will be performed on the R2 targets.
B.    Data propagation from the specific R1 devices to their corresponding R2 targets will be suspended.
C.    Data propagation from all R1 devices in the Consistency Group to the R2 targets will be suspended.
D.    All RDF device pairs in the Consistency Group will be set to Not Ready.

Answer: C

Which symrdf flag and operation allows new devices to be added to an active SRDF/A session without suspending the session?

A.    establish with the movepair operation
B.    cons_exempt with the modifygrp operation
C.    cons_exempt with the movepair operation
D.    establish with the resume operation

Answer: C

In a Unisphere for VMAX remote deployment, Unisphere cannot discover any storage arrays. What could be causing this issue?

A.    An FC configuration or SAN issue on or between the Unisphere client and the SYMAPI server may exist.
B.    An IP configuration or LAN issue on or between the Unisphere server and the SYMAPI server may exist.
C.    Unisphere server is not directly connected to a VMAX3.
D.    Unisphere client is not directly connected to a VMAX3.

Answer: A

At which level does Non-Disruptive Migration work?

A.    Storage Group
B.    Initiator Group
C.    Disk Group
D.    Port Group

Answer: A
Explanation: (page 7)

From an application perspective, what should be done prior to performing an SRDF Restore operation?

A.    Continue accessing the R1 and R2 devices.
B.    Continue accessing the R1 devices. Stop accessing the R2 devices.
C.    Stop accessing the R1 devices. Continue accessing the R2 devices.
D.    Stop accessing the R1 and R2 devices.

Answer: D

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