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Refer to the Exhibit. What type of DAE is in the picture?

A.    DAE6S
B.    DAE5S
C.    DAE7S
D.    DAE3S

Answer: A

A Windows Server 2008 host is connected to a VNX series array, using dual FC adapters and running PowerPath 5.5 software. What is the correct ALUA failover mode for this host?

A.    Mode 0
B.    Mode 1
C.    Mode 2
D.    Mode 4

Answer: D

After presenting a LUN to a Linux host, which utility is used to configure a partition?

A.    fdisk
B.    Disk Management
C.    Unisphere Server Utility
D.    Unisphere Service Manager

Answer: A

Where is the CHAP iSCSI username and password stored on a RedHat 4 host?

A.    /etc/iscsi.conf
B.    /etc/iscsi/iscsi.conf
C.    /etc/init.d/iscsi.conf
D.    /etc/init.d/iscsi/iscsi.conf

Answer: A

Which failover software is strongly recommended for a host attached to a VNX array?

A.    PowerPath
B.    MPIO
C.    DMP
D.    ALUA

Answer: D

Which criterion must be met before executing the storagepool -destroy command with Navisphere Secure CLI?

A.    Complete removal of all LUNs from the pool.
B.    Complete removal of unused LUNs from the pool.
C.    Complete removal of large LUNs from the pool.
D.    Complete removal of empty LUNs from the pool.

Answer: C

What is an advantage of the VAAI feature when provisioning an ESXi host from a VNX array?

A.    Some workload can be offloaded from the host to the array freeing up host resources.
B.    vCenter can directly communicate with the array to discover capabilities and monitor health.
C.    Hosts automatically register initiators with the array and optimize initiator configuration.
D.    Array connectivity is automatically load balanced and protected from path failures.

Answer: A

In which order is a File System made available to clients on the network through NFS?

A.    Create the FS, Mount the FS on the Data Mover, Export the File System, Create a mountpoint on client, Mount the export on the client.
B.    Make sure NFS service is running, Create the FS, Mount the FS on the Data Mover, Add a computer name, Mount export on client.
C.    Make sure NTP service is running, Export the File System, Mount the export on the client.
D.    Make sure NTP service is running, Create the FS, Mount the FS on the Data Mover, Export the File System, Mount the export on the client.

Answer: A

A storage administrator has provisioned storage to a server, but only some of the LUNs are visible to the host. What would explain why some LUNs appear to be missing?

A.    The ‘missing’ LUNs were not added to the storage group.
B.    The host initiators are not logged into the array.
C.    The disk alignment has not been set to the 1 MB boundary.
D.    The host agent is not connected to the storage system.

Answer: A

Which statement is true about metaLUNs?

A.    Private LUN expansion is unsupported on metaLUNs.
B.    Expansion of metaLUNs by striping provides instant additional space to a host.
C.    MetaLUNs simplify the design and implementation process.
D.    MetaLUNs are supported by traditional RAID groups and pools.

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of characters you can use for a VNX Block Only Storage Processor Hostname?

A.    15 characters
B.    10 characters
C.    20 characters
D.    25 characters

Answer: A

A storage administrator is preparing to provision storage for a data warehouse application. What can the administrator do to maximize application performance?

A.    Use SAS drives to create a RAID 5 RAID Group with High Bandwidth Reads enabled.
B.    Use EFD drives to create a RAID 5 RAID Group with High Bandwidth Reads enabled.
C.    Choose 1024 block stripe element size when binding LUNs.
D.    Choose 128 block stripe element size when binding LUNs.

Answer: A

What default option does a newly created file system have when it is NFS exported?

A.    R/W
B.    R/W/X
C.    R/O
D.    R/X

Answer: A

An administrator tries to modify the quota settings on a CIFS share using a Windows 2000 server, but the Quota tab does not exist in the network drive properties. What could be a possible cause?

A.    Exporting is implemented at the file system subdirectory level on VNX OE for File.
B.    Windows users cannot modify the quota settings.
C.    The user does not have administrator privileges on this share.
D.    Quotas can be managed only with Windows 2003 or Windows 2008.

Answer: A

What occurs after data compression of a RAID-group LUN?

A.    Source LUN is unbound from the RAID-group.
B.    The LUN is defragmented.
C.    Freed space is returned to the storage pool.
D.    Host I/O is restarted.

Answer: A

During the installation process of a VNX for Block and File system, you are prompted to change passwords for the default accounts. Which user password can be changed?

A.    sysadmin
B.    storageadmin
C.    admin
D.    administrator

Answer: A

How does the VNX handle LUN ownership changes so that the access path to the LUN is available to both SPs simultaneously?

A.    By using ALUA Failover Mode.
B.    By the SPs sharing ownership of the LUNs.
C.    By the host software being aware of SP ownership.
D.    By the LUN being trespassed.

Answer: A

You are in the process of provisioning a new NAS volume with Unisphere. Where under the Unisphere Monitoring and Alerts section can you monitor or cancel the actions?

A.    Background Tasks for File
B.    Notifications for File
C.    Event Logs for File
D.    Setup Wizard for File

Answer: A

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