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You are implementing a CIFS solution and will be using Virtual Data Movers. Which CIFS dynamic configuration information is contained within the Virtual Data Mover?

A.    Home Directory information
B.    CIFS startup configuration
C.    DFS root ID information
D.    Virus checker configuration

Answer: A

An administrator tries to modify the quota settings on a CIFS share from a Windows Server 2003 host, but the Quota tab does not exist in the network drive properties. What could be a possible cause?

A.    Exporting is implemented at the file system subdirectory level on VNX OE for File.
B.    Windows users cannot modify the quota settings.
C.    The user does not have administrator privileges on this share.
D.    Quotas can be managed only with Windows Server 2008.

Answer: A

Which protocol is supported by CAVA?

A.    CIFS
B.    NFS
C.    FTP
D.    SFTP

Answer: A

What EMC software product contains a collection of tools that helps you perform basic hardware and software maintenance tasks on an EMC VNX Unified storage system?

A.    Unisphere Service Manager (USM)
B.    Navisphere Service Taskbar (NST)
C.    CLARiiON Array Properties (CAP)
D.    Unisphere Off Array Client (UoAC)

Answer: A

Which statement is true regarding LUN migration within a VNX array?

A.    There may be a performance impact.
B.    The source LUN remains unchanged after the copy completes.
C.    You cannot cancel a LUN migration once it has started.
D.    The destination LUN retains its LUN ID and WWN when the copy completes.

Answer: A

A new SAN attached host is unable to see the LUNs created for it on a VNX array. When looking at the host initiators to verify connectivity the Storage Group listed for the host is management. Which step was missed when provisioning this host?

A.    Adding the host to the Storage Group.
B.    Adding LUNs to the Storage Group.
C.    Manually registering the host initiators.
D.    Setting the correct Failover Mode for host initiators.

Answer: A

An administrator creates a 500 GB file system and implements VNX SnapSure on it. What is the initial size of the SavVol that was created?

A.    5 GB
B.    20 GB
C.    32 GB
D.    50 GB

Answer: B

A company has many VNX file systems that they currently export using NFS. Their goal is to simplify the management of these file systems for the Linux client workstations. How can the storage team help the company achieve this goal?

A.    Create a nested mount file system to export all the file systems as a single namespace to mount on the clients.
B.    Create administrative exports to the file system roots and community exports for their subdirectories.
C.    Create AVM file systems and enable auto extend on the file systems.
D.    Mount each file system manually to maintain control of individual export permissions.

Answer: A

Which action must be completed before joining a CIFS server to an AD domain?

A.    Configure VNX system time settings.
B.    Create a Unisphere user account for the domain administrator.
C.    Configure WINS settings.
D.    Create a CIFS server on a VDM.

Answer: A

Which VNX RAID type is suggested for performance and protection for small block random writes to disk?

A.    RAID 1/0
B.    RAID 0
C.    RAID 5
D.    RAID 6

Answer: A

What can be found from the Virtualization Host page in the VNX Unisphere Manager GUI?

A.    Block connected ESXi Servers
B.    Wizard for discovering block connect ESXi Servers
C.    File connected ESXi Servers
D.    NFS datastores

Answer: A

What is a feature available to a virtual Data Mover?

A.    Usermapper client
B.    Standby Data Mover
C.    Virus Checker
D.    iSCSI Server

Answer: A

How do VNX Snapshots differ from VNX Snapview Snapshots?

A.    VNX Snapshots use redirect on first write.
SnapView Snapshots use copy on first write.
B.    VNX Snaphosts use copy on first write.
SnapView Snapshots use redirect on first write.
C.    VNX Snapshots require application I/O be stopped.
SnapView Snapshots do not.
D.    VNX Snapshots support 64 snapshots per LUN.
SnapView Snapshots support 32.

Answer: A

A Storage Administrator created several new LUNs for an existing SAN attached Linux host. Some of the new LUNs are owned by SPA & some are owned by SPB. Linux can only see some of the new LUNs. Which troubleshooting step should be completed next?

A.    Check the EMC Host Connectivity Guide for Linux to verify the maximum number of LUNs visible to the host.
B.    Check the zoning to verify that all HBAs can see all of the ports on each Storage Processor.
C.    Check the agent.config file on the host to verify the maximum number of LUNs the host can manage.
D.    Check the LUN ownership of each LUN to make sure none are trespassed.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which I/O module combination could be used in Slot 0 within a VNX Gateway X-Blade?

A.    a. and c.
B.    a. and b.
C.    a., b., and d.
D.    a., c., and e.

Answer: A

Which optional software is commonly installed to provide full high availability from a Windows host system to a VNX array?

A.    Adapter Firmware Upgrade
B.    Emulex Configuration Utility
C.    Navisphere Agent
D.    PowerPath

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Displayed is a single VNX X-Blade in a DME. What does the indicated number 2 refer to on the numeric display?

A.    The DME Enclosure number.
B.    The X-Blade number.
C.    The LCC Enclosure ID.
D.    The LCC Bus ID.

Answer: A

Refer to the Exhibit. What type of DAE is in the picture?

A.    DAE5S
B.    DAE6S
C.    DAE7S
D.    DAE3S

Answer: A

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