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A customer is attaching volumes to a VNX splitter in a RecoverPoint 3.4 SP1 environment. They are receiving the message “Attached to other cluster”. What is the reason for this message?

A.    LUNs are masked to multiple RecoverPoint clusters.
B.    LUNs are already configured in another consistency group in this cluster.
C.    LUNs are already masked to an RPA at the remote site.
D.    LUNs are already masked to another RPA at the local site.

Answer: A

A customer has asked you to advise them on how to replace a failed host HBA in a RecoverPoint SANTap environment. Which RecoverPoint zones need to be repaired for SANTap to split writes for the new HBA?

A.    Host-to-storage zones in the back-end and front-end VSANs.
B.    Host-to-storage zones in the back-end VSANs.
C.    Host-to-storage zones in the front-end VSANs.
D.    Host-to-CVT zones in the back-end VSANs.

Answer: A

What is used when more performance is needed than a single RPA can provide for asynchronous replication?

A.    Distributed Consistency Groups
B.    Journal compression
C.    Fibre Channel connections
D.    Multi-cluster copies

Answer: A

During deployment of a vRPA OVF template a temporary IP address must be set to be used by Deployment Manager in later steps. Which IP address allocation policy should be selected?

A.    Fixed.
B.    Transient.
C.    DHCP.
D.    No manual selection needed.
The OVF template deployment automatically selects the correct IP allocation policy.

Answer: A

A customer is evaluating the deployment of RecoverPoint with their VMAX array. They want to deploy the RPAs in the virtual appliance form. They ask your opinion about using vRPA versus physical appliances. What should you advise them?

A.    They can only use physical RPAs in the current environment.
B.    For performance reasons, they can mix vRPAs and physical RPAs in the same RPA cluster, but only at remote sites.
C.    For performance reasons, they cannot mix physical and vRPAs within an RPA cluster.
D.    They can mix vRPA and physical RPAs in the same RPA cluster at all sites.

Answer: A

A company believes their WAN IP network has performance problems. Which IP diagnostic tool can be used to confirm this issue?

A.    Test Throughput
B.    Port diagnostics
C.    Full mesh network test
D.    View Routing Table

Answer: C

Which journal action available in Unisphere for RecoverPoint will NOT result in a full sweep synchronization and the loss of all history in the existing journal?

A.    Add a journal volume
B.    Remove a journal volume
C.    Expand a journal volume
D.    Reduce a journal volume

Answer: A

How much data, at a minimum, must change in order for the snapshot consolidation process to start?

A.    64 MB
B.    128 MB
C.    512 MB
D.    1 GB

Answer: C

A company already using RecoverPoint/SE has just finished installing and configuring VPLEX. They are unable to use the VPLEX splitter. What might cause this issue?

A.    VPLEX splitter not supported with RP/SE.
B.    RecoverPoint not licensed on the VPLEX.
C.    Splitter not activated on the VPLEX.
D.    Splitter not installed on the VPLEX.

Answer: A

A new RecoverPoint system is being installed and the RPAs need to be upgraded to the latest version. How should this be done?

A.    Choose the option to upgrade the RPA version from an ISO while installing RecoverPoint using Deployment Manager.
B.    Before doing the install ensure all the RPAs IP addresses reach each other. Connect to RPA1 with boxmgmt and do the upgrade.
C.    Install the new system with Deployment Manager and then log in as boxmgmt and perform the upgrade on one RPA.
D.    Upgrade the RPAs to the latest version first; otherwise Deployment Manager will prevent the installation.

Answer: A

Which RecoverPoint volume type stores information about the cluster and must be accessible by all RPAs?

A.    Repository
B.    Production Journal
C.    Replicas
D.    Copy Journal

Answer: D

You are adding an RPA to a cluster using Deployment Manager. What requirement must be satisfied before proceeding?

A.    Zoning and LUN masking must be known to be identical to the existing RPAs in the cluster.
B.    RPA iSCSI configuration settings must be known.
All other zoning and LUN masking settings will automatically be read from the existing RPA site leader.
C.    RPA and array iSCSI configuration settings must be known.
All other zoning and LUN masking settings will automatically be read from the existing RPA site leader.
D.    RPA and Storage iSCSI configuration settings will automatically be read from the cluster.

Answer: A

What zoning must be created in the fabric when implementing a VNX splitter?

A.    Separate server-to-storage, RPA-to-storage, and RPA-to-RPA zones.
B.    Separate VSANs and zones for the front-end and back-end devices.
C.    Separate server-to-storage, RPA-to-storage, and server-to-RPA zones.
D.    Separate server-to-storage, RPA-to-storage, and RPA-to-RPA virtual fabric zones.

Answer: A

Which RecoverPoint feature allows the protection of volumes on both sides of a VPLEX Metro Cluster?

A.    MetroPoint
B.    Continuous Remote Replication
C.    Distributed Consistency Groups
D.    Group Sets

Answer: A

Which EMC storage does RecoverPoint leverage for Snap-based Replication?

A.    VNX only
B.    VMAX only
D.    VNX and VMAX

Answer: A

Which command displays RPA hardware platform information?

A.    get_rpa_states
B.    get_system_status
C.    get_system_settings
D.    get_rpa_statistics

Answer: A

A company with a DR site connected with a 2 Gbps FC link has three vRPAs at each site. They are experiencing High Load events, although the FC link is not fully utilized. What would be the best solution to get the FC link utilization up as high as possible while mitigating those events?

A.    Replace the vRPAs with physical RPAs and start using a Distributed Consistency Group.
B.    Add two more vRPAs to the Primary site and divide the Consistency Group into four segments.
C.    Divide the Consistency Group into two segments and start using Distributed Consistency Groups.
D.    Add two RPAs to the Primary site as well as the secondary site.

Answer: A

In a VPLEX splitter environment, where is the splitter process running?

A.    VPLEX directors
B.    VPLEX FE ports
C.    VPLEX BE ports
D.    VPLEX volumes

Answer: A

When using Deployment Manager to install RecoverPoint/SE, which zoning methods are available with Brocade switches?

A.    Automatic and Manual
B.    Manual and Semi-automatic
C.    Automatic and Semi-automatic
D.    Automatic and Virtual

Answer: A

Snap-based Replication requires the production volume of a Consistency Group to be on which array type?

A.    VNX
B.    VMAX
D.    Isilon

Answer: A

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