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In an Isilon Hadoop configuration, what changes occur in the event there is a failure of an Isilon node running as a NameNode?

A.    Another Isilon node will immediately pick up the function of the NameNode and metadata will be preserved.
B.    Administrative intervention will be required to failover the NameNode.
C.    Affected node will be SmartFailed since metadata assigned to the failed NameNode can be compromised.
D.    Administrator can configure a replacement NameNode; all metadata will be preserved.

Answer: A

If configuration auditing is enabled, where are the audit logs stored?

A.    /var/log/audit_config.log
B.    /var/log/isi_papi_d_audit.log
C.    /ifs/.ifsvar/audit/config.log
D.    /ifs/.ifsvar/audit/audit.log

Answer: A

What accurately describes a characteristic of EMC OneFS protocol auditing?

A.    It can be enabled on a per access zone basis.
B.    It cannot be enabled if the isi_audit_cee daemon is running.
C.    It can only audit for success, not failure.
D.    It requires syslog forwarding to also be configured.

Answer: A

What is the result of mapping POSIX mode bits to a Microsoft Windows ACL on an Isilon cluster?

A.    No ownership information is lost.
B.    Process creates a real ACL.
C.    Security of the file may be increased.
D.    Multiple user ACEs are collapsed into a single ACE.

Answer: A

A storage administrator needs to configure an Isilon cluster to support both UNIX and Microsoft Windows file access to the same directories. Which options, under the ACLs page, can be selected for this environment?

A.    Balanced or configure permission policies manually.
B.    UNIX only or Microsoft Windows only.
C.    Balanced or UNIX only.
D.    Microsoft Windows only or configure permission policies manually.

Answer: A

When creating an SMB share on the Isilon cluster, what is the effect of selecting the “Apply Windows Default ACLs”?

A.    An ACL with the equivalent of UNIX 700 mode bit permissions is created for any directory automatically created.
B.    File permissions are automatically set to be the same as the share permissions.
C.    Share permissions’ configuration is no longer required as it too will be set to the default values.
D.    Ownership of all files in the directory will be set to the default user’s SID.

Answer: A

A UNIX user is accessing a file through an NFS export on an Isilon cluster. The user is successfully authenticated through the LDAP server. In addition to file permissions, what else must be considered to determine the degree of file access the user will receive?

A.    User’s access token.
B.    Whether the SmartConnect pool is set to `static’.
C.    User SID-defined in the ID Mapper database.
D.    User’s access zone.

Answer: A

What accurately describes the behavior of an access token on an Isilon cluster?

A.    Updated when the client accesses the cluster.
B.    One token is generated for every access zone.
C.    Cannot contain both an SID and an UID.
D.    Requires the use of external authentication providers.

Answer: A

What accurately describes the behavior of On Disk Identity set to native on an Isilon cluster?

A.    A file will be owned by a user’s real SID if no real UID exists for that user.
B.    All files in shares can only be owned by a SID.
C.    All files in exports can only be owned by a UID.
D.    User identities must be defined through external authentication providers.

Answer: A

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