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Which protocol does Isilon InsightIQ use when accessing its remote datastore?

A.    NFS
B.    SMB
C.    SCSI
D.    FTP

Answer: A

Which event notification options are available when setting up an Isilon cluster in an SNMP-managed environment?

A.    SMTP and SNMP
B.    HTTPS and IMAP
C.    SNMP and HTTP
D.    SMTP and HTTP

Answer: A

When using an N+2 protection policy on a 5-node Isilon cluster, how much capacity will be used to store a 1024 KiB file?

A.    1024 KiB
B.    1280 KiB
C.    1792 KiB
D.    1920 KiB

Answer: C

An Isilon customer needs to provide low latency I/O for their files due to a workflow which involves small, random reads and writes. Which SSD strategy is most effective for this use case?

A.    Data on SSDs
B.    Metadata read acceleration
C.    Metadata read/write acceleration
D.    Avoid SSDs

Answer: A

An Isilon customer expressed an interest in more effectively managing their storage. Specifically, they wouldlike to see performance improvements. Which tool would allow them to improve the performance of workflowson their cluster?

A.    InsightIQ
B.    Isilon SNMP MIB
C.    SyncIQ
D.    SmartPools

Answer: A

A customer is planning an Isilon deployment for use with their Hadoop environment. What is one advantage ofusing Isilon as the HDFS layer in this instance?

A.    Facilitates independent scaling of compute and storage nodes.
B.    Provides single protocol access to data.
C.    Integrates storage into Hadoop compute for more flexibility.
D.    Allows the compute nodes to apply data protection.

Answer: A

A customer’s Isilon storage administrator is concerned about capacity after recently ingesting 200 TB of file data. The customer has recently added more nodes to the cluster and wants to auto-balance the cluster assoon as possible. The cluster utilization percentages for an average 24-hour period are:
– 45% during 00:00-08:59
– 60% during 09:00-17:00
– 30% during 17:01-23:59
While keeping cluster utilization at a minimum, which Impact Policy settings will allow the job to complete quickly without impacting the production workload?

A.    Medium, Medium, Low.
B.    Medium, Low, Low.
C.    High, Medium, Paused.
D.    High, High, Low.

Answer: A

Which Isilon cluster quota events can be triggered for an advisory quota?

A.    Limit exceeded and limit remains exceeded.
B.    Grace period expired and write access denied.
C.    Limit remains exceeded and write access denied.
D.    Grace period expired and write access denied.

Answer: A

Which type of administrator commands does configuration auditing track?

A.    PAPI-enabled commands.
B.    Commands run by the “root” user.
C.    Commands run by the SystemAdmin and CompAdmin users only.
D.    All UNIX, isi, isi_ and sudo commands.

Answer: A

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