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You have conducted a meeting with a company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The CTO wants an XtremIO solution to meet their business needs. The CTO wants you to review the proposed solution with their desktop administrator to identify any additional requirements. What are two key considerations to discuss with the desktop administrator?

A.    Rapid desktop deployment and operational ease of use
B.    Application response time and rapid boot times
C.    Sufficient capacity and performance
D.    Ease of management and ability to customize end-user desktops

Answer: BC

Where is the XtremIO VSS hardware provider package installed?

A.    On all X-Bricks in the cluster
B.    On the XMS
C.    Factory-installed on the array
D.    On the backup server

Answer: D
In order to use the XtremIO VSS provider it must be installed on the server where we want to do an application consistent snapshot.

A Linux administrator is attaching a new RHEL server to their XtremIO storage array. Which configuration setting should be changed?

A.    Enable Logical Volume Manager
B.    Modify the file system block size
C.    Disable HBA Queue Depth
D.    Disable I/O elevators

Answer: B
The block size for both Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) and Cluster Synchronization Services (CSS) voting files are 512 bytes. I/O operations to these file objects are therefore sized as a multiple of 512 bytes. This is of no consequence since the best practice with XtremIO is to create volumes with 512e formatting. (page 22)

What are common storage array mechanisms?

A.    Log structuring and RAID
B.    Post-processing and metadata logging
C.    RAID and metadata log structuring
D.    Metadata logging and RAID

Answer: B
XtremIO’s snapshot technology is implemented by leveraging the content-aware capabilities of the system (Inline Data Reduction), optimized for SSD media, with a unique metadata tree structure. XtremIO leverages a proprietary flash-optimized data protection algorithm (XtremIO Data Protection or XDP), which provides performance that is superior to any existing RAID algorithm. (page 33)

A storage administrator wants to re-use some of their XtremIO thin provisioned disks attached to a Microsoft Windows 2012 host. However, the administrator notices that “Quick Format” of the drives is taking a long time to complete. This has an impact on the overall performance. What should be recommended to minimize the performance impact?

A.    Disable the I/O elevator feature on the Windows host while formatting
B.    Temporarily disable the UNMAP feature on the Windows host during formatting
C.    Adjust the execution throttle value on the Windows host
D.    Change the disk format to thick provisioned

Answer: B
It is related to TRIM/UNMAP, which is enabled per default in Server 2012(R2).

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