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Which part of the XtremIO architecture do host ports use to access an XtremIO volume?

A.    FA
B.    Initiator
C.    Target
D.    Zone

Answer: D
All XtremIO’s enterprise features (including Inline Data Reduction, snapshots, XDP, HA, etc.) have been developed as part of the scale-out architecture. All data and metadata are evenly distributed across the entire cluster. I/Os are admitted to the array via all the host ports, utilizing SAN zones and multi-pathing.

What is a method to establish an XMCLI session?

A.    Use the PuTTY SSH tool configured for the serial port and xmsupload credentials.
B.    Use the Telnet SSH tool configured on Port 443 and root credentials.
C.    Use the CLI terminal in the Administration tab and root credentials.
D.    Use the PuTTY SSH tool configured for Port 22 and xmsadmin credentials.

Answer: D
The system’s Command Line Interface (CLI) allows administrators and other system users to perform supported management operations. It is preinstalled on the XMS and can be accessed using the standard SSH protocol. PuTTY is an SSH and telnet client. The standard TCP port 22 has been assigned for contacting SSH servers. You can login using the builtin xmsadmin account.

A customer is considering XtremIO storage for their current Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment. The customer wants information on the benefits of an XtremIO solution. What are the benefits of an XtremIO solution for this environment?

A.    Latency is less than 1 ms for all large I/O sizes, deduplication with compression, and scales linearly.
B.    Latency is less than 1 ms for large I/O sizes, deduplication and compression, and no reduction in power and cooling costs.
C.    Latency is less than 1 ms for small I/O sizes, scales linearly, and slightly higher cost/IOP/GB than hybrid arrays.
D.    Latency is less than 1 ms for small I/O sizes, deduplication and compression, and scales linearly.

Answer: A
Storage capacity and performance scale linearly, such that two X-Bricks supply twice the IOPS, four X-Bricks supply four times the IOPS, six X-Bricks supply six times the IOPS and eight X-Bricks supply eight times the IOPS of the single X-Brick configuration. However, the latency remains consistently low (less than 1ms) as the system scales out. The sub-millisecond latency is validated by actual test results, and is determined according to the worst-case scenario.

A physical XtremIO Management Server (XMS) has failed and requires replacement. Which two software packages are required for recovery?

A.    XMS image and OVA image
B.    Xtremapp and OVA image
C.    XMS image and Xtremapp
D.    Xtremapp and MPIO

Answer: C
The first step is to re-install the XMS image, in the event it is a physical XMS then you may install an image via a USB flash drive or for a virtual XMS simply deploy the provided VMware OVA image. The following step is to upload the XMS software to the images directory of the XMS and login with install mode ……

You need to design an Oracle solution for a customer. Which XtremIO best practices should be used in Oracle environments?

A.    Use a 512 byte LUN sector size for databases. Use Eager Zeroed Thick formatting for ESXi.
B.    Use a 4 KB LUN sector size for databases. Use Lazy Zeroed Thick formatting for ESXi.
C.    Align data on 4 KB boundaries. Use Thin formatting on ESXi.
D.    Align data on 4 KB boundaries. Use Lazy Zeroed Thick formatting on ESXi.

Answer: A
The default setting for XtremIO volumes is 512e. It is recommended not to alter this in order to use 4K Advanced Format for Oracle Database deployments. There are no performance ramifications when using 512e volumes in conjunction with an Oracle database. On the contrary, 4K Advanced Format is rejected by many elements of the Oracle and Linux operating system stack. (page 20)

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