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Which type of issues are resolved by enabling Source-Based Routing on an Isilon cluster?

A.    Asymmetric routing.
B.    IP address space depletion.
C.    TCP retransmission.
D.    SmartConnect load balance.

Answer: A

An Isilon cluster has been configured with an autocommit period of 30 minutes for all compliance SmartLock directories. However, the storage administrator has noticed that files recently written to the folders can be deleted or modified. Why is this happening?

A.    Offset time for autocommit has not been met.
B.    Compliance clock is out of sync with the autocommit function.
C.    Offset time for autocommit has been met.
D.    Manual commit must be used for all compliance SmartLock directories.

Answer: A

Which capabilities are enabled after activating an Isilon SnapshotIQ license?

A.    Create and schedule snapshots, and modify SnapshotIQ settings.
B.    View and delete snapshots, and access snapshot data.
C.    View, create, and schedule snapshots, and access snapshot data.
D.    Create snapshot schedules, access snapshot data, and delete snapshots.

Answer: A

What accurately describes the behavior of InsightIQ with FSA enabled on an Isilon cluster?

A.    FSA job runs at 22:00 hours every night by default.
B.    Storage usage statistics will be less accurate.
C.    A separate FSA license is required.
D.    Total number of monitored nodes capacity is reduced by half.

Answer: A

When using SyncIQ on an Isilon cluster, which setting is used to retain deleted files on the target?

A.    Copy
B.    Synchronize
C.    –target-compare-initial sync on the CLI command option
D.    Capture snapshots on the target cluster

Answer: A

If an Isilon has been integrated into an existing Hadoop environment, what explains how the HDFS data will be distributed?

A.    HDFS data on Isilon and computations will be handled by Hadoop.
B.    HDFS data remains on Hadoop; computations is handled by Isilon.
C.    Files are stored in a specialized HDFS compatible file system format on the Isilon cluster.
D.    MapReduce on the Isilon allows data to be distributed across both platforms.

Answer: A

How many Isilon Job Engine v2.0 components will be present on a single node?

A.    One director
B.    Two managers per job
C.    Two workers per task
D.    Three coordinators

Answer: A

Which jobs are used to help distribute file data across an Isilon cluster?

A.    AutoBalance, AutoBalanceLin, FlexProtect, and SmartPools.
B.    AutoBalance, IntegrityScan, Multiscan, and ShadowStoreProtect.
C.    IntegrityScan, TreeDelete, AutoBalance, and SetProtectPlus.
D.    MediaScan, Collect, QuotaScan, and AVScan.

Answer: A

What is a valid hierarchical structure in the Isilon Job Engine v2.0?

A.    Jobs contain phases
B.    Tasks contain phases
C.    Tasks contain jobs
D.    Items contain tasks

Answer: A

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