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A storage administrator wants to configure a Unity system to join the list of arrays remotely monitored for activity and system status using Unisphere Central. The security policy on the Unisphere server was set to “automatic”. What additional security information must be specified in the Unisphere Settings window to enable communication with Unisphere Central?

A.    Unisphere Central IP address and login credentials
B.    Unisphere Central IP address and Central Hash
C.    Unisphere Central Hash and login credentials
D.    Unisphere Central Hash and challenge phrase

Answer: A

Which migration tool can be used to move file data a Unity storage array in both NFS and CIFS/SMB protocols?

A.    EMC Select Datadobi
B.    Unity Async Replication
C.    Rsync
D.    EMCopy

Answer: D

A file system is 1 TB in size and contains 250 GB of data. The file system is not fully allocated and only 450 GB of pool storage is in use. The user wants to reduce the file system to 300 GB. How much space is returned to the storage pool?

A.    150 GB
B.    450 GB
C.    700 GB
D.    750 GB

Answer: A

How long will a Copy Back operation lake when a hot spare is invoked?

A.    Pro-Active hot spare does not use a Copy Back operation
B.    Copy Back time depends on the RAID type
C.    Copy Back time depends on the disk capacity
D.    Copy Back time depends on the disk type

Answer: B

Which severity level alerts for a fault condition that has occurred, has minor impact on the system, and does not need to be fixed immediately?

A.    Critical
B.    Notice
C.    Error
D.    Warning

Answer: B

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