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A company has a large vSphere environment with multiple EMC Symmetrix VMAX arrays connected to it. Management of this environment has become challenging for both vSphere and SAN administrators. They have agreed that Virtual Storage Integrator should be The company’s management states that only the storage administrator should be able to provision storage. Provisioning storage from within vSphere should be prohibited. Which component of the VSI software suite should be left out of the deployment?

A.    Storage Pool Management
B.    Storage Viewer
C.    Unified Storage Management
D.    Path Management

Answer: A

You are examining the performance of a weekly backup. You notice that the utilization for the Symmetrix front-end director CPUs involved in the backup is very low. What might be causing this low utilization?

A.    Backup application is using a large I/O block size.
B.    Data access is random.
C.    Backup application is executing an equal number of reads and writes.
D.    Data is stored on RAID 1-protected devices.

Answer: C

Storage administrators for a Symmetrix running Enginuity 5773 need to increase allocated storage for Microsoft Exchange LUNs without interrupting the mail server’s operation. Performing a protected striped LUN expansion causes a critical nightly clone operation to run for hours instead of minutes. This impacts later dependent jobs, preventing production. How can this impact to the nightly process be prevented?

A.    Set a QoS value of 8 for BCV Copy Pace.
B.    Set a QoS value of 0 for BCV Copy Pace.
C.    Set SPC value of 1 on the Exchange LUNs.
D.    Set SPC value of 8 on the clone LUNs.

Answer: A

A database administrator is concerned about the performance impact of placing a busy Oracle instance in hot backup mode. They want to take TimeFinder/Clone consistent replicas every three hours. If Oracle is not placed in hot backup mode, what is the state of the Oracle tablespaces in the replica?

A.    Restartable point-in-time copy
B.    Restorable copy with incomplete recovery capability
C.    Recoverable with archive log roll-back capability
D.    Restartable copy with archive log roll-forward capability

Answer: A

A company is using Replication Manager to backup their Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment using Microsoft Volume Shadow Service (VSS). Each Exchange database and log volume has separate Symmetrix VMAX LUNs. A Replication Manager backup job for a Microsoft Exchange 2010 server with 20 databases keeps failing to complete a backup. Why?

A.    Snapshot timeouts are occurring
B.    A virtual mount host is being used for the replicas
C.    Consistency checks are being run in parallel
D.    Insufficient number of gatekeepers have been configured

Answer: A

Access control is being deployed in an EMC Symmetrix environment. What are the access control rights that need to be given to the Symmetrix Service Processor?

A.    BASE, OPTMZR, and ADMINRD rights to all devices.
B.    OPTMZR, CFGSYM, VLOGIX rights to all devices.
C.    POWRPATH, CFGDEV, VLOGIX rights to all devices.
D.    BASE, OPTMZR, and VLOGIX rights to all devices.

Answer: A

A company is using Replication Manager to back up multiple Microsoft Exchange 2010 mailbox servers. They have configured a backup job defining the options for performing VSS backups of each Exchange storage group on each server. All backups are executing successfully, but the company has recently started to experience problems with low disk space on the transaction log volume of one particular storage group. What is the likely cause for the low disk space?

A.    Online Copy option was specified for that storage group
B.    PreCopy option was specified for that storage group
C.    No Copy option was specified for that storage group
D.    Online Full option was specified for that storage group

Answer: A

A company notices that one of their Oracle data files is corrupted. The storage administrator must perform a TimeFinder restore of the corrupted tablespace. What must be done before unmounting the file system and performing the TimeFinder restore?

A.    Tablespace containing the dbf file must be taken offline
B.    Entire database must be taken offline
C.    A UNIX fsck must be executed on the source LUN
D.    Mount the target file system and copy the dbf file from the target to the source

Answer: A

You are using Replication Manager to create application consistent TimeFinder clones of your Microsoft SQL environment. Each night six databases are replicated, and then the replicas are subsequently backed up to tape. You have been tasked with minimizing the replication window while reducing the overall impact the replication process has on the array. Which step should be taken to meet this requirement?

A.    Stagger each of the replications to happen one hour apart
B.    Schedule all of the replications to start simultaneously
C.    Increase the priority of the SQL replications within the Replication Manager GUI
D.    Change the replication technology to TimeFinder snaps

Answer: A

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