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An Isilon customer has two 5-node clusters; one for production and one for disaster recovery (DR). The customer’s workflows are replicated to the DR cluster through SyncIQ on individual schedules. They shutdown their production cluster for a scheduled DR test, failed over to the DR cluster, and continue their DR testing. Assume both clusters have identical shares, exports, and user authentication and that the client applications have been stopped and the DNS re-pointed. What is the correct method to continue production operations?

A.    Revert the SyncIQ Policy.
B.    Initiate Manual Failback of the SyncIQ Policy.
C.    Initiate Automated Failback of the SyncIQ Policy.
D.    No change to the SyncIQ Policy.

Answer: A

How many file systems are present in a 20-node Isilon X200 cluster?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: A

Which type(s) of data is predominately associated with home directories and file shares?

A.    E-mail files, PPT, Word documents.
B.    Oracle directories.
C.    SQL database files.
D.    XML data.

Answer: A

Traditional NAS storage architecture deploys simple two-way failover between two controllers in their storage systems, such as highly-available configurations. How is the Isilon architecture different in terms of system resiliency and availability?

A.    Isilon OneFS enables each node to have a designated partner node for simple failover between the pair.
B.    Isilon solutions can enable failover to other nodes with the use of client-side drivers.
C.    Isilon clustered architecture deploys standby failover nodes to ensure the highest available solution.
D.    Isilon OneFS enables each node to be a peer to any other node in an Isilon cluster.

Answer: D

If a client is mounted to the sixth node in a 20-node Isilon cluster, how much memory cache can that client leverage assuming each node has 8 GB of memory cache?

A.    16 GB
B.    40 GB
C.    120 GB
D.    160 GB

Answer: D

What is the maximum volume or aggregate size that can be created with an Isilon Scale-Out NAS system?

A.    16 TB
B.    100 TB
C.    2.3 PB
D.    20 PB

Answer: D

Which Isilon product is recommended where low-latency and maximum performance is a critical factor?

A.    X-Series
B.    S-Series
C.    SmartQuotas
D.    NL-Series

Answer: B

Refer to Exhibit below. What is represented by the information shown in the exhibit?

A.    Directory quota cannot exceed 2 TB for both /ifs/data/media and /ifs/data/media/photo.
Directory quota cannot exceed 900 GB for /ifs/data/media/video.
Directory quota can be any size up to 2 TB and each user can only store 75 GB for /ifs/data/media/temp.
B.    Directory quota cannot exceed 2 TB for /ifs/data/media and no quota limit on /ifs/data/media/photo.
Directory quota cannot exceed 900 GB for /ifs/data/media/video.
Directory quota can be any size up to 2 TB and each user can only store 75 GB for /ifs/data/media/temp.
C.    Directory quota cannot exceed 2 TB for both /ifs/data/media and /ifs/data/media/photo.
Directory quota cannot exceed 900 GB for /ifs/data/media/video.
Directory quota can be any size up to 2 TB for /ifs/data/media/temp.
D.    Directory quota cannot exceed 2 TB for both /ifs/data/media and /ifs/data/media/photo.
Directory quota cannot exceed 900 GB for /ifs/data/media/video.
Directory quota can be any size up to 900 GB and each user can only store 75 GB for /ifs/data/media/temp.

Answer: A

What is the smallest unit of manageable storage within Isilon SmartPools?

A.    SSD pool
B.    Node pool
C.    Disk pool
D.    File pool

Answer: C
Explanation: (page 9, see disk pools)

When configuring Isilon SmartPools policies, which values are allowed for file pool policy storage destinations?

A.    Disk pools and node pools
B.    Disk pools
C.    SSD pools and tiers
D.    Node pools, tiers, and anywhere

Answer: A
Explanation: (page 10, see the image)

When working with Isilon file pool policies, which file attribute can be applied as a filter?

A.    Performance
B.    File create date
C.    File type
D.    Permissions

Answer: C
Explanation: (page 20, first para)

Which Isilon SmartLock version uses an NTP server to keep track of the set retention periods placed on a directory?

A.    Standard with WORM
B.    Standard NO WORM
C.    Enterprise
D.    Compliance

Answer: C

A customer is able to see some performance metrics in the Isilon OneFS dashboard or by using CLI. Other performance metrics will require InsightIQ. What will require a licensed version of InsightIQ?

A.    Capacity Trending
B.    Cluster Throughput
C.    CPU Usage
D.    Active Client Connections

Answer: B

In Isilon OneFS, what is the snapshot limit of a directory?

A.    512
B.    1024
C.    2048
D.    No limit

Answer: B
Explanation: (page 22, 6th bullet)

What is a Shadow Store used for in Isilon OneFS?

A.    Shared data for clones and original files
B.    Changed block data for clones and original files
C.    Changed block data for SyncIQ
D.    Changed blocks for SnapshotIQ

Answer: A
Explanation: 22, see file clones)

A customer is considering moving their NAS data over to Isilon systems. They want to know what limitations Isilon has regarding snapshot on the directory level. What explanation can be provided to the customer?

A.    Limit of 2048 snapshots per directory.
B.    No limits on the number of snapshots per directory.
C.    Limit of 2048 snapshots per cluster but not on the directory level.
D.    Hard limit of 1024 snapshots per directory.

Answer: D

A customer has two data centers (Site A and Site B) and in each data center there is an Isilon cluster. They are replicating data between the sites using SyncIQ. You have been reviewing their disaster recovery plan and found the following:
– The policies specify that SyncIQ runs a replication job every four hours and that the job finishes within one hour.
– Three additional hours will be needed to get servers and the network redirected to work from Site B.
What is the Recovery Point Objective in this plan?

A.    3 Hours
B.    4 Hours
C.    5 Hours
D.    6 Hours

Answer: B

An Isilon customer created a SyncIQ policy to replicate data from a primary cluster to an offsite secondary cluster. The primary cluster becomes unavailable, and the customer has completed a failover onto the secondary cluster. The primary cluster becomes available again, so the customer would like to fail back data to the primary cluster. The failback process does not replicate data. What is the most likely reason the failback policy does not replicate data to the primary cluster?

A.    Clusters are not sharing an Infiniband switch.
B.    Secondary cluster has modified files on it.
C.    Original policy was for synchronization.
D.    Policy contains a SmartLock directory.

Answer: C

When an Isilon SyncIQ replication job completes, how many SnapshotIQ policies can be created on a target cluster directory?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: D

What accurately represents Isilon SyncIQ Automated Failover?

A.    SmartLock directories will automatically failover.
B.    Replication relationships will change upon failover.
C.    No changes in Identity Management will be needed.
D.    Target directories will not need to be shared with clients.

Answer: C

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